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Helping SNAP Recipients Prepare for November 1st Benefit Changes

Posted by Kevin Concannon, Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services in Food and Nutrition
Feb 21, 2017

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients will see their monthly benefits decrease beginning on November 1st. As USDA’s top official in charge of the program, I want to ensure that SNAP recipients know that this change is coming and understand what it means for you and your families.

As you know, the amount of SNAP benefits each eligible household receives depends on many things, such as income, household size and expenses. In addition, SNAP households have been receiving an increased amount of benefits because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), a piece of legislation that provided a temporary boost in benefits to help individuals and families impacted by the economic downturn.

However, the portion of the ARRA legislation that provided these additional benefits ends on October 31. As a result, beginning on November 1, your monthly benefit will decrease. The amount of the decrease depends on your household size.

Assuming no other changes in income, household size, or expenses between October and November, the table below shows the decrease in SNAP benefits in November by household size.

Household Size Difference
1 -$11
2 -$20
3 -$29
4 -$36
5 -$43
6 -$52
7 -$57
8 -$65
Each additional person -$8

This change will affect each household. To make sure you get the correct SNAP benefit, give your caseworker information about your household.

As November approaches, I want to remind you of the USDA resources available to help plan and prepare healthy meals at a low cost, including:

At USDA, we remain committed to ensuring that low income children and families have access to the critical nutrition assistance programs they need as they get back on their feet. If you are a SNAP recipient and have questions about your case or the change happening on November 1, contact your caseworker immediately or call your State’s information hotline.

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Lonny Lefever
Oct 28, 2013

Who the heck do you think you a fooling, I live on Disabilty and $30 doesn't even come close to put enough food on the table. et see if you could live with these sub standard rules about decreasing peoples who try to just get by.
ound out most soft dog food would be cheapier and last longer

Oct 28, 2013

Whatever happen to the free government cheese program in West Virginia? I know why the government is cutting the S.N.A.P. program! Because the president,the senators, and congressmen/women are dipping into the s.n.a.p. program like it their free piggybank to pay for Obamacare. Don't lie to me it's the truth and you know it!! I don't care what you say. I won't believe it.

Oct 29, 2013

People need to realize that these benefits are not an entitlement and that it's not healthy to be dependent on government for basic needs except in extreme cases of total disability. It's a temporary safety net. These changes are minor and nothing compared to the poverty of other countries. I was on food stamps for 6 months during a hard time earlier in my life and I never ate so good. I got a ridiculous amount of benefits. It's not meant to encourage people to live well. Get over it.

Jill West
Oct 30, 2013

We continue to cut down food stamps of the seniors, and the disabled, and continue to give it to the drugs addicts that sell their cards. Family raise many of the drug addicts children, because they love them, they may not make much money to raise them, but the state gives them 305.00 to raise them, Many of the drug addicts own dogs they paid more money for than that. The seniors, the disabled and the children are loosing here. If someone goes to treatment, fine pay for that, but do not give them a monthly check for months and months. I know someone that got this for months and months, and guess what she just went back to prison again!! Maybe you can support her finically again. It is her child who suffers, and family members support her, and give her all they can. This is so wrong.. Grandma and Grandpa live on a fixed income, rasing grandchildren they love, going without while you support the parent using drugs. What is wrong with this picture? Their is never any accountability to drug addicts we give them so many rights we take the rights of children and disabled and senior citizens to make sure drug addicts rights are met! In Aberdeen Wa that is a lot of drug addicts you support.

Oct 30, 2013

In all seriousness maybe this a teach some people to stop making babies they cant afford just to live off the government, but in the same breath its not right cutting peoples benefits cause there are still people out here who still needs ever dime they get every month to make it. I guess a few bad apples do spoil a bunch.

Nov 05, 2013

I"m having a problem with these cuts to food stamp benefits because the prices in the supermarket keep going up. I'm permanantly disabled and because I did't work long enought I only get SSI and 30 percent of this goes on my rent. every time I go shopping for food I have to pick and choose. If I want to eat fish I can't buy milk cereal fruit to be able to get the fish. It's the same thing every month. I went to a local food bank and befor I amde it to the door to get a bag of canned goods bread, pasta and peanut butter one of the volunteers came out and said sorry folks we're out of food. you cut my food stamps, tell me to go to the food bank and the food banks don't have enough to help everyone that goes to get food in the first place. did you have breakfast this morning? I hope you enjoyed it because I've had to get use to not having breakfast. there are days when I only have a few crackers with peanut butter for lunch and nothing more until 3 or 4pm. and then I can have a litle rice with beans and maybe some chiken if there's any left. I would like to see how the big wigs in washington would feel if they had to live knowing that when you wake up tommorow morning all your going to have for breakfast is a glass of water and your prescriton medecations? america the greatest country in the world and the federal goverment is telling me that my food stamps are being cut beacuse the price of living has gone down? try telling that to the supermarket where I go to buy groceries. I'm anemic and I can't even buy red meat unless I leave 5 or six items on my shopping list behind. thte cheapest Items in the market are lways the items Dr's warn us not to eat but what can you do when all you have is 180 dollars a month for food? It's hard enought to go years on end without being able to buy a 12 dollar dress or a pair of new shoes or sneakers but having to go from 3 meals a day to 2 and sometimes only 1 is absurd,don't you think. I don't care how many times a social worker says that I get more than I should for food. I had to wait 6 yrs. to get 200 dollars in food stamps and now all of a sudden I'm down to 180? why is it that every time there's new from washington about cut backs they always start with programsa that benefit the elderly,disabled other people on very fixed incomes? evry year it's the same thing. when ever I here the words cut backs coming from washington it just means less food on my table and less of every other basic every day need. what happened to the greatest country in the world? wake up washington!! there are people starving in your own back yard.

Julie Corley
Nov 06, 2013

My husband is on disability, i have applied over and over for numerous jobs without results. I have custody of 2 grandchildren. I don't want to be on food stamps, but without them, we would be in trouble. I shop at salvage stores and discount grocery stores. If I am lucky the 334.00 made it through the month now, I have to feed a family of 4 on 288.00 a month. That works out to be 75 cents per person per meal per day. After rent, utilities and basic needs, and yes, internet is a basic need due to my grandchildren needing to do some of their homework and research on the computer. There is no extra for food. 36.00 does not sound like a lot of money, but it is when you are trying to keep food in a childs belly. Thank god they get free breakfast and lunch at school.Thank you congress for looking out for the "people".

Natalie Servello
Nov 24, 2013

I've read all the comments above and it is really hard for us. I am over 50 and can't find employment, I would love to if I could. My daughter who is now 20 found employment and moved out of our home. Our SNAP benefits went from $340.00 to $107.00 per month for me and my son to live off of and I just do not see how that is possible with the price of food these days. As a Christian I understand that we are to leave some for the poor among us, but they too have to gather it. The government needs to enable us to not be in need and I just do not see that happening here. Job creation should be far more important than the affordable care act. Doctors do not feed us! They are just going to tell us to stop eating the food that is bad for us, which is actually the food that is affordable =/ the same food that the governments gives out, rice, pasta etc. Fruits, Vegetables and the other nutritious foods etc .... are not even possible to procure for those with low income, no income, disabled and elderly. The US government has let down their own people in more ways then one. Still I am grateful for what we are given and I thank you! May God bless!

Dean H
Nov 30, 2013

thanks to benefit cuts and having to spend money I dont have on food my kids will probably go without christmas this year. thanks for taking food out or their mouths and presents from under their tree.

skinny diet
Jan 15, 2014

I am 50, paid taxes all my life. I get $180 from snap which averages out to $6 to eat 3 meals a day so thats $2 a meal. I hope the bigshots are enjoying their steak, shrimp & caviar as much as i enjoy my ramen noodles...

Jan 18, 2014

good article!

Mar 04, 2014

I cant believe that the government thinks that this situation is acceptable.
I have tried to get 4 different new business going this year with no money to work with. It is impossibly hard, no money for tools, nothing.
I started a marketing company because I have a computer, I figure maybe I can do something with that.
I had to partner with a Facebook friend in India because there is nothing going on in America right now, not that I didn't try.
There is 1/3 of the country on SNAP right now. What are we supposed to do when there are no jobs and they wont let us build new ones?