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Pledge to Take the MyPlate, MyWins Challenge this March

Posted by Sarah Chang, MPH, RD, CNPP in Food and Nutrition
Feb 21, 2017
MyPlate, MyWins Challenge pledge
Pledge to take the MyPlate, MyWins Challenge this March in honor of National Nutrition Month.

March is National Nutrition Month. Throughout the month, USDA will be highlighting results of our efforts to improve access to safe, healthy food for all Americans and supporting the health of our next generation.

March is National Nutrition Month, and it’s a great time to focus on building healthy eating habits. If you need a little extra motivation, pledge to take the MyPlate, MyWins Challenge! It’s a fun and simple food and physical activity challenge available to SuperTracker groups. All you have to do is 2 + 2 + 2:

  • Eat 2 foods from each MyPlate food group
  • And do 2 physical activities
  • For 2 days

You can run your own MyPlate, MyWins Challenge for your family, colleagues, or community in five easy steps:

  1. Create a SuperTracker group – Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial
  2. Invite others to join via email or with your group code at
  3. Create the MyPlate, MyWins Challenge for your group – Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial
  4. Participants use the challenge Quick Tracker on your group page to record their foods and physical activities. They’ll earn points and get progress updates along the way.
  5. Check the challenge leaderboard to discover the winners!

If you don’t want to create your own challenge group, join mine, “Sarah's MyPlate, MyWins Challenge Group!”  Click here to join: Starting next Tuesday, March 22, eat two foods from each food group and do two physical activities each day. Log in to your SuperTracker account, and record them using the Quick Tracker on our group page to earn points and compete against others in the group. I’ll be doing it with you. Good luck!

The MyPlate, MyWins Challenge is one of several challenges available through MyPlate Challenges, USDA’s new online challenge platform that encourages healthy eating and physical activity through friendly competition. Available on SuperTracker, a free food and activity tracking tool, MyPlate Challenges are available to groups of people working to get healthy together. Challenge participants earn points and compete against one another by eating a healthy diet and being physically active.

Anyone can create a challenge group and invite others to join; for example, challenges are great for classrooms, workplace wellness programs, faith-based communities, groups of friends, family, and more. Choose from ready-made challenges or design your own custom challenge.

The challenges are part of the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion's new MyPlate, MyWins consumer education initiative, grounded in the most recent edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Check out our newly released MyPlate, MyWins video series that combines information with inspiration to help people develop a personalized healthy eating style that fits within their overall lifestyle.

For more healthy eating solutions, videos, and tips go to

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Mar 21, 2016

a very good way of eating and living healthy. keep the challenge going and updates life

Mar 21, 2016

Starting NOW!

Maria Owens
Mar 24, 2016

I work from 6 pm to 6 am. What kind of eating / exercise regiment is good for this shift?