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MyPlate, MyWins and Breastfeeding: MyPlate Resources in Support of National Breastfeeding Month

Posted by Sarah Chang, MPH, RD, Nutritionist, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion in Food and Nutrition
Feb 21, 2017
A mom and her infant daughter
A mom and her infant daughter enjoy some playtime together outside.

It’s National Breastfeeding Month, and we at are celebrating moms everywhere! Caring for a child is no small task, and MyPlate has resources to support moms and moms-to-be.

As a nutritionist and a mom with baby #2 on the way, I know it can be overwhelming to figure out what you should be eating to keep you and your baby healthy. MyPlate’s SuperTracker, a free food, physical activity and weight tracking tool, offers personalized food plans specifically for breastfeeding moms. Simply create a profile and enter information about you and your baby to get your plan. You can also use SuperTracker’s Food Tracker to track your daily meals and see how they stack up to your plan. Since SuperTracker is mobile-friendly, you can enter them on your phone or tablet while you’re nursing.  We moms are excellent multi-taskers!

You can also find more information about your nutritional needs while breastfeeding on For example, do you find yourself constantly thirsty? When I was breastfeeding my daughter, I kept a refillable water bottle in her nursery and plan to do the same thing when our son arrives next month!

For more solutions from real moms, check out the latest video in our “MyPlate, MyWins” video series.  See how breastfeeding mom, Lilac, makes healthy eating a reality for herself, husband PJ, her two sons and newborn daughter.

Well done to Lilac and all of the other supermoms out there! We’d love for you to share your own healthy eating solutions at or on social media using #MyPlateMyWins.

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