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Working Lands for Wildlife Launches Literature Gateway

Posted by Bridgett Costanzo, USDA NRCS East Region Working Lands for Wildlife Coordinator in Conservation
Jun 30, 2022
The Literature Gateway tool graphic

USDA just launched a new research and visualization tool that summarizes published scientific research on bird species-vegetation relationships in the Eastern and Boreal Forests of North America. The tool, Literature Gateway: A Systematic Map of Bird-Vegetation Relationships in Eastern and Boreal Forests, can be used to identify science-need gaps and guide habitat restoration and forest management practices on the ground.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Working Lands for Wildlife initiative launched the tool to allow users to easily explore this database of scientific research. The Gateway consolidates all contemporary research exploring linkages between forest management practices, bird responses, and population outcomes. While it mainly focuses on research conducted in the Eastern United States, it also includes research from across boreal North America.

The Literature Gateway is the newest online tool to join the suite of decision-support tools hosted on the Landscape Partnership Portal, a web portal hosted by a consortium of landscape conservation agencies and organizations. Once you obtain a Landscape Partnership account – anyone can join – you can easily access the tool.

Category/Topic: Conservation