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Secretary's Column: MyPlate Inspires Healthful Eating

We know that a healthy nation starts with healthy people.  A good diet helps kids stay active and focused at school.  And staying healthy can increase your productivity on the job.

But sometimes families who want to make healthier eating choices are confused by conflicting messages, or don't have time to do the research.

That’s why, earlier this year, I launched a new, easy to understand food icon, called MyPlate.  It’s a clear and simple visual showing what a healthy meal looks like on your plate.

Happy Leftovers Day!

We hope you had a joyful (and food-safe) holiday meal. We suspect that like most of us you’ll be enjoying the goodies for days to come.

One highlight of our run-up to the holiday was our live Facebook chat on food safety on Nov. 12. USDA food safety expert Diane Van took questions on a variety of topics, but there were quite a few about handling leftovers.

A sampling of Diane’s answers that will help you stay food-safe for some folks’ favorite meals of the holiday season: