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Mega Drought and the Agricultural Implications

Two of USDA's top experts -- a meteorologist and an economist -- discussed how the mega drought in the western United States is affecting and will continue to affect agriculture. Stephanie Ho reports in this edition of "Agriculture USA".

PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. USDA Chief Meteorologist Mark Brusberg. USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer.

The Outcome of Updates to SNAP Base Calculations

Recent recalculations to the base plan for USDA’s Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program benefits brought forth updated benefit numbers. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack

Breaking Down USDA Emergency Healthcare Grants

Two types of grants are now available for rural communities and health care centers to strengthen existing and add new care offerings and facilities. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Secretary Tom Vilsack. Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Justin Maxson.

ReConnect's Vital Connection to Rural Broadband Facilitation

The latest round of USDA ReConnect funding awards are reflective of the importance in building up high speed connectivity in rural America. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Secretary Tom Vilsack. Jim Matheson of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Shirley Bloomfield of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association

A Decade of Biobased Product Label Certification

A USDA label that assures biobased product certainty for both producers and consumers is celebrating its tenth year. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Rural Development Deputy Under Secretary Justin Maxson.

This Year's Back to School Time May Be Traumatic for Young Children

Parents may praise the long-awaited re-opening of schools and day care centers, but young kids may feel differently. Gary Crawford has more.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Bradford Wiles, Extension Child Development Specialist at Kansas State University.

Connecting the Farm via Broadband Through ReConnect

Various farm and rural advocates explains the importance of high speed broadband to ag operations in general, and the importance of USDA's ReConnect program specifically. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Dale Moore of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Shirley Bloomfield of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association.

USDA's Latest Corn Crop Forecast--Not the Last Word

USDA's latest corn crop forecast caused a stir, but experts say don't set it in stone. A lot could happen in the next month. Gary Crawford reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Lance Honig with USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer.

USDA Doing Survey to Assess Feral Swine Damage to Livestock Operations

Livestock producers will tell you that feral swine are doing a lot of damage. USDA is trying to find out how much damage. Gary Crawford has this story.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Travis Averill with USDA's National Ag. Statistics Service. Sophie McKee with USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Also, one heck of a boar.

Technological Advances in Seed Testing

Use of innovative seed testing involved in international trade continued to be explored as methods to detect pathogens and other phytosanitary concerns. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and USDA-APHIS Deputy Director for Plant Protection and Quarantine Osama El-Lissy.

Expanding AI in Ag Innovation Space

Planned National Science Foundation led Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes include two dedicated to agriculture. Rod Bain reports.

PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and National Institute for Food and Agriculture Administrator Carrie Castille