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1890 Land Grant University Scholarship Initiative Celebrated

00:00:59.924   2019-06-13   
A 2018 Farm Bill program securing scholarship funds for 1890's land grant universities received recognition and created celebration at USDA headquarters this week. (Rod Bain. Deputy Secretary Stephen Censky. Secretary Sonny Perdue.)

Historic Happenings at 1890 Land Grant Celebration

00:01:00.264   2019-06-13   
The nation's 1890 land grant universities have recent reasons to celebrate and did so at USDA headquarters this week. (Rod Bain. Representatives David Scott (D-GA) and Alma Adams (D-NC). Council of 1890 Land Grant Institutions Chair Kent Smith.

Uncertain Times in the World of Agriculture

00:01:00.055   2019-06-13   
There seems to be general agreement that farmers are facing a time of growing uncertainty. (Gary Crawford, Rob Johansson and Senator's Pat Roberts and Debbie Stabenow)

Brighter Prospects for Wheat Growers

00:00:59.663   2019-06-13   
Wheat growers may reap the benefits of the problems with this season's corn crop. (Gary Crawford, Warren Preston and Seth Meyer)

Lower Projected Corn Crop Sends Ripple Effects Through Feed Industry

00:01:00.055   2019-06-13   
Cuts in projected corn production this season could send ripple effects to producers of other crops and to livestock producers as well. (Gary Crawford and Seth Meyer)

Official Says USDA Will Have to Ask Congress for More Trade Aid Funds

00:00:57.025   2019-06-13   
A USDA official says USDA will need to ask Congress for more money in order to pay for the 16 billion dollar trade mitigation plan now being crafted. (Gary Crawford and Under Sec'y Ted McKinney)

Kansas City Region Chosen For ERS, NIFA Relocation

00:00:56.894   2019-06-13   
The Kansas City region has been chosen as the new home for USDA's Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture. (Stephanie Ho and Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue)

Actuality: Relocated USDA Employees Can Move to Kansas City Soon

00:00:28.003   2019-06-13   
Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says there will be enough workspace for some of the USDA employees who are with an agency that is set to move to Kansas City, and want to move there before the September 30th deadline.

Actuality: Not an Easy Decision to Relocate ERS, NIFA

00:00:22.700   2019-06-13   
Secretary Perdue acknowledges that moving ERS and NIFA was a hard decision to make.