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Mexico Ratifies USMCA

00:00:59.454   2019-06-20   
The USMCA trade deal is a little closer to becoming an operational reality. (Gary Crawford and Ambassador Robert Lighthizer)

Homeland Security Transferring Nation's Top Animal Disease Lab to USDA

00:01:00.055   2019-06-20   
The Department of Homeland Security has been in charge of the planning and development of what will be the nation's top animal disease laboratory, but will be transferring the lab to USDA. (Gary Crawford, Sec'y Sonny Perdue, Under Sec'y Greg Ibach and William Bryan with DHS)

New Pilot Program to Address Feral Swine Population Control

00:01:00.290   2019-06-20   
Two USDA agencies are teaming up with private landowners and stakeholders in a Farm Bill based pilot program to curb the threat and damages of growing feral swine populations. (Rod Bain and Natural Resources Conservation Service Acting Associate Chief Kevin Norton)

Actuality: Joint Feral Swine Eradication and Control Pilot Program

00:00:47.934   2019-06-20   
Dale Nolte of USDA-APHIS Wildlife Service explains a 2018 Farm Bill pilot program that focuses on feral swine eradication and control, through partnership between APHIS and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Farm Policy Role in Farmer Risk Management

00:01:00.160   2019-06-20   
Land grant university experts told a House Ag subcommittee why farm policy is essential within the realm of the safety net for producers. (Rod Bain. Bradley Lubben of the University of Nebraska. Brandon Willis of Utah State University.)

Keeping a Weekly Watch on Crops

00:01:00.055   2019-06-20   
As spring planting continues at its very slow pace and the growing season gets going in earnest, USDA is involved in a huge weekly undertaking that brings us every Monday a look at planting progress and crop development (Gary Crawford and Lance Honig)

Actuality: Near Real Time Info on Crops Each Monday

00:00:34.403   2019-06-20   
Lance Honig with USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service saying that the weekly crop progress report is as near to real time crop information as you can get. (The "reporters" he refers to are the people across the country who provide crop progress data each week to USDA.)

USDA's Summer Meals Program Provides Food for Kids When School's Out

00:01:00.055   2019-06-20   
USDA's summer meals programs continue to provide food to kids who need the extra help, even when school is not in session. (Stephanie Ho and Sara Olson, USDA's FNS)

Who is Eligible to Receive USDA's Summer Meals?

00:00:58.148   2019-06-20   
Here are some details of who is eligible to receive free meals in the summer. (Stephanie Ho and Sara Olson, USDA's FNS)

Actuality: USDA Provides Student Meals, Even During the Summer

00:00:38.582   2019-06-20   
Sara Olson, with USDA's Food and Nutrition Service, says USDA is serious about making sure children and teens who need it have access to meals, even during the summer months.