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The Big Heat Enveloping Southern High Plains Again

00:00:55.562   2019-08-06   
Heat and dryness is taking a toll on cotton and other dryland crops in the Southern High Plains. (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

A Major Dry-Out for Topsoils Across the Nation

00:00:59.036   2019-08-06   
Topsoils in many farming areas are going through a major drying out process. (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

A Rough Year for Corn in Many Places

00:00:58.853   2019-08-06   
It's a rough year for corn and, in some cases, soybeans in several states. (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

Not a Great Growing Season, but We've Had Worse

00:01:00.055   2019-08-06   
This 2019 growing season may not be such a great one, but there have been far worse years. (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

Actuality: Latest Condition Ratings for Pastures/Rangelands

00:00:47.986   2019-08-06   
Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist, with the latest condition ratings for pastures and rangelands.

Actuality: National Weather Forecast for Aug. 13- 19

00:00:51.382   2019-08-06   
Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist, with the national weather forecast for August 13th through the 19th.