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Farmers Getting Payment Flexibility on Insurance Premium Interest Accrual

00:01:00.055   2019-08-15   
The USDA is giving farmers more time to pay crop insurance premiums without added interest added to the bills. (Gary Crawford and Martin Barbre)

Filling a Hemp Germplasm Chasm (a News Story Versified)

00:00:59.689   2019-08-15   
Researchers have begun work that will eventually lead to a national seed bank for hemp. From where will the material for the bank come? (Gary Crawford and Larry Smart)

NRCS Awards Grants to 15 Soil Science Projects

00:00:59.951   2019-08-15   
USDA has awarded grants to soil science projects around the country, in a program that is in its 12th year. (Stephanie Ho and David Hoover, National Soil Survey Center)

Actuality: Soil Health is Soil Resiliency

00:00:22.465   2019-08-15   
David Hoover, National Soil Survey Center, says he believes soil health is similar to soil resiliency.

Cash Rents for Farm Lands Year over Year

00:01:00.290   2019-08-15   
What is latest comparison of cash rents paid for crop and pasture lands in 2019 versus the previous year? (Rod Bain and Deputy Chief Economist Warren Preston)

Actuality: Why Does NRCS Work With Universities on Soil Health?

00:00:29.204   2019-08-15   
David Hoover, National Soil Survey Center Director, explains why the Natural Resources Conservation Service finds it so important to work with universities.

Ag Land Values Increasing Slightly This Year

00:01:00.238   2019-08-15   
USDA's latest look at the value of agricultural lands reveals a year-over-year rise in average value. (Rod Bain and Deputy Chief Economist Warren Preston)

Creating an Education Experience in a Commodity Carnival

00:00:59.402   2019-08-15   
National 4-H and a global market company are sponsoring a carnival style game to several fairs this year, and in the process, educating many what a farmer does to raise our food and make a living. (Rod Bain and Tim Andressen of CME Group)

Actuality: Intent Behind Commodity Carnival Game

00:00:33.436   2019-08-15   
Tim Andressen of CME Group explains the purpose behind a carnival-style game created by his company and National 4-H, and available at some fairs nationwide this year.

4H Judging is a "Fair" Event

00:00:59.428   2019-08-15   
The tradition of 4H judging events at country and state fairs continues this season with such events covering a broad range of areas - both in animal husbandry and STEM-based. (Rod Bain. Sandy Duchame and Brad Rugg of University of Minnesota Extension)