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Dairy Output Forecast Lowered. Export and Price Outlook Still Strong

00:01:00.368   2019-08-16   
The latest USDA milk production forecast has monthly downward adjustments, but what does that mean for yearly production, exports and price projections? (Rod Bain and Acting World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

Outlook Up for Total U.S. Meat Production and Prices

00:00:59.794   2019-08-16   
USDA's meat production and price forecasts for 2019 and 2020 continue to show upward trends. (Rod Bain and Acting World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanwoski)

A Brown Bag School Lunch Packed with Nutrition Power

00:00:59.219   2019-08-16   
A nutrition expert has some advice for parents who are packing their child's brown bag school lunch. (Gary Crawford and Sandy Proctor)

Packing a Safe School Lunch for your Child

00:01:00.055   2019-08-16   
Experts say we parents can pack almost any food item into our child's lunch box, if we take precautions. (Gary Crawford and Janell Goodwin)

A "Recipe" for Clutter Reduction

00:01:00.186   2019-08-16   
What are some ways you can better organize your recipes to avoid clutter in your kitchen? (Rod Bain and Karen Chan)

USDA is Helping Americans Get More Fiber into their Food

00:01:00.029   2019-08-16   
USDA scientists are working on ways to help Americans get more fiber into their food. (Stephanie Ho and ARS researcher, Sean Liu)