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A Familiar Name Could Return to a Familiar Role

00:01:00.316   2021-01-21   
One of the longest tenured U.S. Agriculture Secretaries could resume the role pending Senate confirmation of his nomination by President Biden. (Rod Bain and former Secretary Tom Vilsack)

USDA Deputy Secretary Nominee Named

00:00:59.898   2021-01-21   
Virginia's Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Service has been nominated to become the number two official within the U.S. Agriculture Department. (Rod Bain and Dr. Jewel Bronaugh)

Former Secretaries on Farm Policy Focal Points Going Forward.

00:01:00.160   2021-01-21   
What do some former Secretaries of Agriculture see as important farm and food policy issues the new Presidential administration must address? (Rod Bain. Former Secretaries Mike Espy, Dan Glickman, and Anne Veneman)

Majority of U.S. Dairy Operations Enrolled in Dairy Margin Coverage

00:00:59.820   2021-01-21   
Nearly three-fourths of all established dairy operations in the country have enrolled in USDA's Dairy Margin Coverage program for the 2021 program year. (Stephanie Ho and Marin Bozic, University of Minnesota assistant professor)

Farm Population Getting Older, Increasing the Need for More Paid Help

00:01:00.133   2021-01-21   
The need for more part time help with farm work is growing, along with the average age of farmers. (Gary Crawford. Virginia farmer, MaryJane Cathers. Farm workers, Keith and Dawn Grove.)

Newest Dietary Guidelines Still Stress Old Standbys, Variety and Moderation

00:01:00.133   2021-01-21   
Do you give up a food item if you hear one report that it's bad for you? Do you go overboard on a food that is supposed to be good for you? If so, you are not alone. (Gary Crawford, Amanda Barnes, Karen Ensle and Penny Kris-Etherton)