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USDA Increases Pandemic-EBT Benefits to Millions of Food Insecure Children

00:00:55.196   2021-01-22   
USDA is increasing Pandemic EBT benefits and is looking at ways to provide extra SNAP benefits to low-income households. (Stephanie Ho)

USDA Extends Housing Relief for Millions of Rural Residents

00:00:59.977   2021-01-22   
USDA is extending relief for millions of rural residents who have USDA housing loans. (Stephanie Ho)

Cattle Feedlot Numbers Show Beef Cattle Industry in a "Steady State"

00:01:00.107   2021-01-22   
The numbers in the latest USDA report on cattle feedlot activity are remarkably similar to the numbers in the same report one year ago. (Gary Crawford and Shayle Shagam, USDA livestock analyst)

Actuality: Some Key Numbers from Friday's USDA Cattle on Feed Report

00:00:29.152   2021-01-22   
Shayle Shagam, USDA livestock analyst, giving some of the key numbers in Friday's USDA cattle feedlot report.

Actuality: Percentage of Heifers in Feedlots Same as a Year Ago

00:00:30.772   2021-01-22   
Shayle Shagam, USDA livestock analyst, talking about the percentage of heifers in feedlot inventories this year and last year at this time.

Managing Risks in Dynamic Times for Agriculture

00:01:00.055   2021-01-22   
How can producers strategize risk management when dynamic situations such a natural disaster, price swings, or even a pandemic, affect their business? (Rod Bain and Jack Davis of South Dakota State University Extension)

Actuality: Ag Risk Management Strategic Plan and Analysis

00:00:52.819   2021-01-22   
Jack Davis of South Dakota State University Extension discusses how often producers should create a strategic plan to manage risk, and the types of analysis they should conduct.

Improving Knowledge Inputs and Outputs in Precision Ag

00:01:00.003   2021-01-22   
Precision agriculture is not just about a greater degree of focus on inputs, but also a greater degree of extracting important data for decisions. (Rod Bain and Daren Coppick of the American Retailers Association)

Actuality: Precision Ag and Extracting Key Data

00:00:57.573   2021-01-22   
Daren Coppick of the American Retailers Association explains the premises of precision agriculture, and the need to improve extraction of data to best benefit end users such as ag producers.