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International Food Aid and Development Program Investments

00:00:59.663   2022-09-21   
Two USDA international programs - one focused on school feeding and the other on agricultural development - are investing in projects in developing nations. (Rod Bain and Foreign Agricultural Service Administrator Daniel Whitley)

A Decade Projection of International Food Security

00:01:00.264   2022-09-21   
* - STATIONS: Please no longer air this story after 1 PM Eastern on Thursday, September 22nd - * What are the findings in USDA's annual study of international food security, in seventy-seven countries? (Rod Bain and economic researcher, Yacob Zereyesus)

Actuality: International Food Security Assessment

00:00:50.352   2022-09-21   
USDA economic researcher, Yacob Zereyesus, explains an annual report that studies food security among over seventy low and middle income nations around the world.

Actuality: Ukraine Conflict and International Food Security Measurement

00:01:00.133   2022-09-21   
Yacob Zereyesus of the Economic Research Service explains how conflict in Ukraine is impacting some low and middle income regions of the world from a food security standpoint.

Actuality: Mission of McGovern-Dole Program

00:00:59.141   2022-09-21   
Foreign Agricultural Service Associate Administrator Brooke Jameson explains the purpose of the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program.

Actuality: Food for Progress Program

00:00:36.360   2022-09-21   
Foreign Agricultural Service Associate Administrator Brooke Jameson discusses the Food for Progress program and its efforts to help developing nations strengthen ag systems and trade opportunities.

Topsoil Moisture Still Lacking in Several Parts of the Nation

00:01:00.160   2022-09-21   
The latest U.S. topsoil moisture report reveals continuing dryness in several states, including some that experienced needed rains just a few weeks ago. (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

East-West Contrast Remains for Pasture/Rangeland Condition

00:01:00.240   2022-09-21   
The Mississippi River remains the line that separates good and poor pasture and rangeland conditions in the continental U.S. (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)