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Vilsack Announces New Funding for Rural Internet Projects

00:01:00.029   2022-09-22   
The effort to bring high speed internet to rural areas is getting another financial shot in the arm with new investments being announced. (Gary Crawford and Agriculture Tom Vilsack)

Actuality: Many Areas Lack Access to Adequate Internet Service

00:00:20.662   2022-09-22   
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack telling reporters that lack of access to adequate internet service is putting milllions of rural residents at a desadvamtage/

Actuality: Agencies Have Clear Division of Labor in Internet Expansion Work

00:00:48.457   2022-09-22   
Agriculture Secretaru Tom Vilsack telling reporters that in the job of bringing high speed internet to all Americans, the USDA, the Commrece Department and the Federal Communications Commission have clear divisions of labor.

Actuality: Praise for Federal Efforts to Close the Digital Divide

00:00:34.168   2022-09-22   
Greg Puckett, the Chairman of the Rural Action Caucus of the National Association of Counties, praising federal efforts to bring high speed internet to rural areas.

Nominee for Top USDA Trade Post Outlines Priorities,if She's Confirmed

00:00:56.084   2022-09-22   
The nominee for USDA's top trade post outlined for her Senate confirmation hearing some of the priorities she would pursue, if confirmed. (Gary Crawford and Alexis Taylor, nominee for USDA's Under Secretary for Trade)

USDA Food Safety Nominee Talks about Plan to Reduce Salmonella Problems

00:00:59.167   2022-09-22   
The nominee for USDA's top food safety post told his Senate confirmation hearing that USDA is working on a plan to reduce salmonella-related illnesses coming from meat and poultry products. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Emilio Esteban with USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Science Behind Fall Colors

00:00:59.585   2022-09-22   
What is behind the annual change of colors in leaves of some tree species during the fall months? (Rod Bain and U.S. Forest Service plant physiologist, Paul Schaberg)

Ways to View Fall Colors

00:01:00.316   2022-09-22   
A Forest Service plant physiologist provides ideas how one can maximize the experience of viewing fall colors in forests this fall. (Rod Bain and Kevin Smith)