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Storm Surge Dangers with Ian

00:01:00.186   2022-09-30   
* - STATIONS: Please do not air this story after 9 AM EDT Saturday - * Storm surge and related safety concerns for the Carolinas and areas inland in the path of Hurricane Ian continue to rise. (Rod Bain and National Weather Service Director Ken Graham)

Post Ian Recovery Efforts Underway in Florida

00:01:00.160   2022-09-30   
Federal and state emergency personnel and others are in the middle of recovery operations in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. (Rod Bain and Federal Emergency Management Administration Associate Administrator Anne Bink)

Wheat Markets Get a Surprise in Latest USDA Crop Report

00:00:59.115   2022-09-30   
Wheat prices rise after surprising USDA crop forecast. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer)

Expert Says Expect Corn Market Volatility for Months to Come

00:00:55.666   2022-09-30   
Smaller supplies of corn than expected may cause continued price volatility for months. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer)

Actuality: Size of Cuts in Major Crop Acreage Seen as Very Surprising

00:00:44.303   2022-09-30   
USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer talks about surprising cuts in crop acreage.

Actuality: The Latest on the New USDA Winter Wheat Crop Estimate

00:00:16.457   2022-09-30   
USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer with the latest USDA winter wheat estimate.

Producer Prices Received for Poultry and Eggs Up in August

00:00:59.428   2022-09-30   
A significant gain in what poultry and egg growers received for their prices in August failed to offset a lower overall commodity price received index, per USDA's latest report. (Rod Bain)