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Many Unknowns Revolving around "Meat" Grown in Labs

Date:  Tue, 08/07/2018    Broadcast: 01

Remark:  Food makers are working on making meat by growing it from animal cells, but how do you label it and regulate it for safety? Those are just a couple of unknowns revolving around so-called "Lab-grown" meat. Gary Crawford takes a look at this emerging technology on this edition of Agriculture USA.

PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Isha Datar with New Harvest. Peter Licari with JUST. Michael Selden with Finless Foods. Eric Schulze with Memphis Meats. Paul Mozdziak with North Carolina State University. Rhonda Miller with Texas A&M. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

Duration:  00:05:00.042