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The FCIC Connection with Crop Insurance Development
   2018-08-17 00:00:59.350
What is a main, yet perhaps not well known, component of the federal crop insurance system? (Rod Bain and Risk Management Agency Administrator Martin Barbre)

Are Drones Like a Swiss Army Knife?
   2018-08-17 00:01:00.212
An Extension expert describes unmanned aerial vehicles as multi-purpose tools for agriculture. (Rod Bain and Dan Swafford of Virginia Cooperative Extension)

Actuality: Future Advances in Ag Related Drone Tech
   2018-08-17 00:00:55.980
Dan Swafford of Virginia Cooperative Extension discusses some promising technology and agricultural uses related to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Cost Burden To Comply with Produce Safety Rules Varies with Farm Size
   2018-08-17 00:01:00.029
A new study says the cost burden for fruit and vegetable farms to comply with new FDA produce safety rules varies with the size of the farm. (Gary Crawford and Peyton Ferrier)

Actuality: One Reason FDA Delayed Food Safety Rule Compliance for Smaller Farms
   2018-08-17 00:00:28.969
Peyton Ferrier, USDA economist, giving one of the reasons why FDA delayed the food safety rule compliance dates for smaller fruit and vegetable farms.

Farm Milk Prices May Increase Next Year
   2018-08-17 00:01:00.055
Dairy producers could see higher milk prices and improved margins next year. (Gary Crawford and Seth Meyer)

New Gene Stacking Technology Could Help Defend Citrus from Greening
   2018-08-17 00:00:59.977
USDA researchers are studying a new method to insert multiple genes into specialty crops, making it easier for such plants to develop improved traits. (Rod Bain and Roger Thilmony of the Agricultural Research Service)

Actuality: Explanation of GAANTRY--A New Gene Stacking System
   2018-08-17 00:00:59.951
USDA researcher, Roger Thilmony, explains a newly developed gene technology that allows inserting of multiple genes into plants, making it easier to establish desired traits.

Perdue Unveils New Forest Management Strategy
   2018-08-16 00:00:58.984
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue's newly unveiled forest management strategy will feature more federal, state and local collaboration. (Gary Crawford, Sec'y Sonny Perdue and Sen. Lisa Murkowski)

Forest Service Paying To Fight Fires by Taking Money from other Activities
   2018-08-16 00:00:52.558
Once again this year the Forest Service is having to take money from activities such as forest maintenance and fire prevention to pay for fighting wildfires. (Gary Crawford, Sec'y Sonny Perdue and Sen. Ron Wyden)

Actuality: Perdue Talks about New Forest Management Strategy
   2018-08-16 00:00:55.353
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue in a Capitol Hill media briefing talking about the need for a new approach to managing forests.

Disaster Declaration for Southwestern Corn Belt States
   2018-08-16 00:00:59.533
Farm Service Agency emergency loans are now available for producers impacted by drought in parts of the Southwest corner of the Corn Belt. (Rod Bain and Oklahoma State FSA Director Scott Biggs)

Actuality: FSA Programs and Drought Mitigation
   2018-08-16 00:00:55.457
Farm Service Agency Oklahoma State Director Scott Biggs discusses some of his agency's programs that are helping crop and livestock producers in the Southwest corner of the Corn Belt deal with drought.

Steer Prices Could Actually Increase in 2019
   2018-08-16 00:00:54.987
Will 2019's expected increase in beef production bring another decline in cattle prices? (Gary Crawford and Seth Meyer)

No Slowdown in Pork Production Expansion
   2018-08-16 00:00:58.279
Despite lower hog prices, there doesn't seem to be any sign of a 2019 slowdown in pork production expansion. (Gary Crawford and Seth Meyer)

Overabundant Moisture and Mid-Atlantic Crops
   2018-08-15 00:00:58.775
Crops in the Mid-Atlantic region are being impacted by what has been an overly wet summer this season. (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)


Agriculture USA

The Picklewick Papers and Pride and Pickle Juice
   2018-08-14 00:05:00.042
The average American is consuming more cucumbers, partly due to increased interest in local foods and also due to a huge surge in the popularity of pickles. Gary Crawford takes a lighthearted look on this edition of Agriculture USA. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Kayla Johnson with USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service. Criselda Garcia, cucumber grower and pickle packer. Also Howard Duff as detective, Sam Spade.

Consumer Time

Some Good News for Bacon Lovers
   2018-08-14 00:02:57.972
Monday, August 20th, is National Bacon Lovers Day. If you count yourself in that group, there's good news for you in this report from Gary Crawford. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA livestock analyst, Shayle Shagam.

A Look at Sustaining Non-Timber Forest Product Industry
   2018-08-14 00:02:44.257
A recent U.S. Forest Service assessment looks at the economic opportunities from berries, pine cones, and other non-timber forest products, and sustainable management of such. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Leslie Weldon of the U.S. Forest Service

Pride and Pickle Juice (from the Novel not of the Same Name)
   2018-08-14 00:03:00.062
One of the hottest food fads today is the pickle. Experts say its resurgence is partly due to the local food movement. Gary Crawford has this report. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Kayla Johnson with USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service. Pickle practitioner and cucumber farmer, Criselda Garcia.

Packing your Child's School Lunch? Pack some Nutrition in it.
   2018-08-14 00:02:52.669
An expert says if we are packing a school lunch for our kids, we should make sure there's enough nutrition in that lunch. Gary Crawford reports. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Sandy Proctor, Kansas State University Extension food and nutrition specialist.

Human-Wildlife Encounters - Common Sense Over Curiosity
   2018-08-14 00:02:48.829
Reports of what seems to be increased wildlife attacks of humans also raises awareness of how one can avoid such an encounter. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Terry Messmer of Utah State University Extension

Agriculture Update

USDA's Latest Corn/Soybean Forecasts Cause Quite a Stir
   2018-08-14 00:02:26.860
Corn and soybean futures were still dropping days after USDA projected larger than expected corn and bean production. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson. USDA Outlook Board Chairman Seth Meyer.

A Snapshot of Farm Economic 4-1-1
   2018-08-14 00:02:22.445
USDA's annual reports focused on the value of ag land, what producers pay for expenditures, and the amount of cash rent, are now out. Rod Bain has details in this report. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Agriculture Department Deputy Chief Economist Warren Preston

Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance Product Rolls Out
   2018-08-14 00:02:13.564
Sign up is now underway for new insurance plan for the dairy industry - one developed by private parties through a process under the Federal Crop Insurance Act. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and USDA Risk Management Agency Administrator Martin Barbre

A New Test For Soil Nitrogen
   2018-08-14 00:02:02.618
A recently developed testing tool is meant to better predict soil nitrogen, and in turn, help grain growers in input decision making. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Alan Franzluebbers of USDA's Agricultural Research Service

What Ginseng Growers Face
   2018-08-14 00:02:26.860
Growing ginseng can be very profitable for farmers, but a retired Extension expert says there are many challenges to consider. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Bob Beyfuss