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CFAP Review Continuing, According to Vilsack
   2021-03-05 00:01:00.421
The Agriculture Secretary provided an update on analysis of USDA based COVID-19 relief for producers during his Commodity Classic appearance. (Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Vilsack on Potential of Renewable Fuels Industry
   2021-03-05 00:01:00.421
Renewable fuels will play an important part in meeting America's energy and environmental needs in the coming years, according to the Agriculture Secretary. (Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Actuality: Renewable Fuel Industry Growth, Opportunity, and Support
   2021-03-05 00:00:54.334
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack explains his views on the staying power of the renewable fuels industry, plus what future opportunities for growth, and potential support will be available for this sector.

Focusing on the U.S.-China Ag Trade Relationship
   2021-03-05 00:00:59.898
The Agriculture Secretary discusses the complexities of the U.S.-China relationship and its potential impacts to agricultural trade. (Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Actuality: Vilsack on U.S.-China Phase One Agreement
   2021-03-05 00:01:00.290
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack offers his perspective on what has transpired to date regarding Phase One of the U.S.-China Trade Agreement and its impacts for our nation's ag exports to that market.

Actuality: Vilsack on Diversifying Ag Trade
   2021-03-05 00:00:58.070
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack talks about the need to diversify ag trade markets to grow export opportunities and reduce reliance on a single market.

Big Boost in Sorghum Plantings Expected
   2021-03-05 00:01:00.107
Analysts expect farmers this year to boost modestly their plantings of corn and soybeans, but one other crop could see a major increase in acreage. (Gary Crawford and USDA analyst, Justin Choe)

Western Mountain Snowpack Outlook Becomes Clearer
   2021-03-05 00:00:59.794
The shape of Western water supplies this spring and summer are more pronounced with the mountain snowpack season approaching its peak date. (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

Actuality: Water Supply Concerns in the Southwest
   2021-03-05 00:00:33.489
USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, discusses the latest water storage levels in Southwestern states and what that may mean for water supplies for the upcoming irrigation season.

What is the Best Avalanche Mitigation Strategy?
   2021-03-05 00:00:59.872
What is the best strategy for mitigating an avalanche? (Stephanie Ho and Simon Trautman, Forest Service National Avalanche specialist)

Website Shows Avalanche Danger Around the Country
   2021-03-05 00:00:59.977
If you are getting ready to recreate in a place where there are mountains and snow, consult with a Forest Service website before you go out. (Stephanie Ho and Simon Trautman, Forest Service National Avalanche specialist)

When is Avalanche Season Over?
   2021-03-05 00:00:59.977
When is avalanche season over, and how has it been going so far? (Stephanie Ho and Simon Trautman, FS National Avalanche Center)

Actuality: Good Knowledge Helps People Avoid Avalanches
   2021-03-05 00:00:58.357
Forest Service avalanche specialist Simon Trautman describes this as a bad season for avalanche fatalities and says good knowledge can help people avoid dangerous areas.

More Time to Apply for USDA's Quality Loss Adjustment Program
   2021-03-05 00:01:00.107
USDA has extended the application deadline for the Quality Loss Adjustment Program. (Gary Crawford and Steve Peterson, Associate Administrator of USDA's Farm Service Agency)

Actuality: The Basics of the Quality Loss Adjustment Program
   2021-03-05 00:00:40.019
Steve Peterson, Associate Administrator of USDA's Farm Service Agency, giving a very basic outline of how the Quality Loss Adjustment Program is supposed to work. ***broadcasters--The program is only authorized for producers who suffered quality losses from certain natural disasters that happened in 2018 and 2019. ***

Actuality: Call First Before Coming to Your FSA Office
   2021-03-05 00:00:23.458
Steve Peterson, Associate Administrator of USDA's Farm Service Agency, saying that if you need to apply for the Quality Loss Adjustment Program, call your local FSA office first before showing up at the office.

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Agriculture USA

Transforming Trash to Treasure
   2021-03-02 00:05:00.120
Some innovative entrepreneurs are making new food and drink products from materials that up to now have been considered waste. Gary Crawford has two examples on this edition of Agriculture USA. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Dr. Tara McHugh, USDA scientist. Timothy Childs, founder of Treasure8. Dan Kurzrock, Chief Grain Officer of Regrained. Classic cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker.

Consumer Time

What are Some Items at Top of Ag Secretary's Agenda?
   2021-03-02 00:02:59.983
What are some of the items at the top of the Ag Secretary's agenda? Stephanie Ho has the story. PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack

Ag Secretary Returns to USDA With Greater Appreciation for Trade
   2021-03-02 00:02:59.983
USDA's returning Secretary of Agriculture is returning to the agency with a greater appreciation for issues like trade. Stephanie Ho reports. PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack

Clarifying E-Commerce Rules Regarding Seed Sales
   2021-03-02 00:02:29.864
Recent USDA efforts to clarify import-export regulations of plant materials and seeds via e-commerce has its roots in the arrival of unsolicited seeds to citizens last year. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Deputy Administrator Osama El-Lissy

Food Treasures Made from Food Waste
   2021-03-02 00:02:57.449
Some new food technology can help solve the problem of large amounts of food being wasted? Gary Crawford has this report. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Dr. Tara McHugh with USDA's Agricultural Research Service. Timothy Childs, Founder of Treasure8.

Bad Mouthing that Tax Refund
   2021-03-02 00:03:00.114
While you may love getting a tax refund, most financial advisors say it's not a great idea. Gary Crawford has this report. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Kansas State University Extension tax expert, Susie Latta. Classic comedians, Groucho and Chico Marx.

Agriculture Update

USDA Collecting Data for Upcoming Prospective Plantings Report
   2021-03-02 00:02:27.461
We will soon have a better idea of the spring planting plans of U.S. farmers. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer. Lance Honig of the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service

Will Farm Bankruptcies Drop Again in 2021?
   2021-03-02 00:02:20.904
Farm bankruptcies dropped in 2019, but experts say it's difficult to predict what will happen this year. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. USDA economist, Carrie Litkowski and Nathan Kauffman with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Revised Cotton Outlook for the New Marketing Year
   2021-03-02 00:02:08.235
USDA recently updated its estimates for the domestic and world cotton balance sheet for the 2021-2022 marketing year. Rod Bain reports PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and economist Stephen MacDonald

A Unique Alliance in Climate Smart Ag Efforts
   2021-03-02 00:02:25.658
A coalition of farm and environmental groups among others have joined to address climate concerns and promote climate smart agriculture. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. National Coalition of Farmers Cooperatives CEO Chuck Conner. American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall. National Farmers Union President Rob Larew.

The Role of Innovation in Sustainable Agriculture
   2021-03-02 00:02:25.319
Creating more sustainable, production, and profitable forms of agriculture will require continued development and practice of innovations and technologies producers can use. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Ernie Shea of Solutions from the Land