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The effects of climate change are complex and far-reaching, and while the scope, severity, and pace of future climate change impacts are difficult to predict, it is clear that changes could have important effects on producers and on the ability of USDA to fulfill its core mission. Adaptation refers to the process of finding ways to prepare for and flexibly respond to changes in climate. USDA is developing a multi-pronged approach toward adaptation, including research, education, extension, risk management, and strategic planning. 

CCPO works across USDA to help ensure that climate change adaptation is integrated into USDA programs, policies and operations.  CCPO also provides data, tools and information to assist land managers, stakeholders and USDA agencies and mission areas with adaptation assessments, planning and implementation.

US Department of Agriculture Climate Change Adaptation Plan

USDA's Policy Statement on Climate Change Adaptation (DR 1070-001)