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Agricultural Long-term Projections

Each year, USDA agencies make long-term commodity projections used to prepare the President's budget and forecast farm program costs. The projections are released in February following release of the President's budget.

The World Agricultural Outlook Board chairs an Interagency Agricultural Projections Committee to coordinate this activity and improve the quality and consistency of projections. The Committee Chairperson, David Stallings, can be contacted at 202-720-5715.

USDA Agricultural Long-term Projections to 2021

The most recent projections are available in:


Excel (Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University)

Copies can be ordered from the National Technical Information Service.external site Request document OCE-2012-1.

Long-term Projections Process

Background on USDA's long-term projections and past issues of the report are available at the ERS Web site.