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Interagency Commodity Estimates Committees

Senior commodity analysts of the World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) chair Interagency Commodity Estimates Committees. The committees develop crop production forecasts each month for major foreign producing countries, and supply and demand estimates for the United States and the world. They also review and approve forecasts and analytical reports issued by member agencies, to ensure that all USDA forecasts are consistent and objective.

Four USDA agencies are represented on the committees: the Economic Research Service, the Foreign Agricultural Service, the Farm Service Agency, and the Agricultural Marketing Service. Current committee members are included in each World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report.

WAOB Committee/Chairpersons

Wheat Committee:William Chambers:: 202-720-5912

Rice Committee: William Chambers: 202-720-5791

Feed Grains Committee: Michael Jewison: 202-720-8760

Oilseeds Committee: Keith Menzie: 202-720-7394

Cotton Committee: Carol Skelly: 202-720-9805 & Stephen MacDonald: 202-720-4205

Sugar Committee: Steve Haley: 202-720-5912

Meat Animals Committee: Shayle Shagam:202-720-2126

Poultry Committee: Shayle Shagam: 202-720-2126

Dairy Committee: Shayle Shagam: 202-720-2126