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Announcement: Upcoming Changes to the May 2019 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report
Starting with the May issue, the following changes will be made to the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report (WASDE):

  • Price range forecasts will be eliminated in favor of single price points for all crops and livestock.
  • The international Supply and Use tables for Crops will include an aggregate value for “World less China,” representing the balance sheet values outside of China.
  • The ordering of countries and lists of Major Importers/Exporters will be updated to eliminate outdated aggregations (such as “Former Soviet Union"), and better reflect current trade patterns.

A detailed list of changes and tables that will be modified can be found here and a template for the May 2019 tables is available here.

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Interactive charts and highlights of the most recent WASDE projections will be published each month by the Economic Research Service the day after the WASDE’s release. See https://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/farm-economy/commodity-outlook/wasde-projections-at-a-glance/

NOTE: Consistent with established practices, this report only considers those trade actions which are in place or have had formal announcement of effective dates as of the time of publication.  Further, unless a formal end date is specified, this report also assumes such actions are in place throughout the time period covered by these forecasts.

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