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Quantification Tools

In partnership with university and research communities, the Federal Government has developed a number of online tools to help landowners assess the environmental benefits derived on their land from changed management actions. Nutrient load reduction and carbon sequestration are key elements in these tools that have the ability to model and provide defensible results for use in emerging environmental markets.

Water Quality

NTT (BETA): Nutrient Tracking Toolexternal site

Maryland NutrientNet Tool external site

SPARROWexternal site

Chesapeake Bay Modelexternal site

Oregon DEQ Analysis Tools and Modeling Reviewexternal site

Animal Agriculture Tools for Environmental Markets external site

Carbon and Other Greenhouse Gases

COMET- FARMexternal site

COMET-PLANNER external site

GRACEnet: Greenhouse gas Reduction through Agricultural Carbon Enhancement Networkexternal site

ARS-- Dairy GEMexternal site

InFormexternal site

Tutorialexternal site

Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness Consumption Toolsexternal site

Energy Estimator: Animal Housingexternal site

Energy Estimator: Irrigationexternal site

Energy Estimator: Nitrogenexternal site

Energy Estimator: Tillageexternal site

Wetlands and Habitat

US Army Corps of Engineers RIBITSexternal site