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The U.S. Food Loss and Waste Challenge

The U.S. Food Waste Challenge calls on entities across the food chain – farms, agricultural processors, food manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, universities, schools, and local governments – to join efforts to reduce and better manage food loss and waste in the United States.

To join the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, organizations and businesses provide information on what they are doing in their operations to reduce, recover and/or recycle food loss and waste.  The Challenge’s inventory of activities will help disseminate information about best practices and stimulate the development of more. The inventory of activities and participants will also provide a snapshot of the country’s commitment to—and successes in—reducing, recovering, and recycling food waste.

Join the Challenge

To join the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, complete the appropriate form below with information about the activities/objectives your organization will undertake in the next year to reduce, recover, and recycle food waste in the United States. We will post these on the USDA website.

Or, join via participation in the EPA Food Recovery Challenge and benefit from EPA’s technical assistance to set specific quantitative food-waste goals and attain them!


Total participation in the U.S. Food Waste Challenge is comprised of participants who join by sharing information on their food waste reduction activities via USDA’s U.S. Food Waste Challenge form and participants who join by joining EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge and working with EPA experts to measure food waste in their operations and attain specific quantitative food-waste reduction goals. 

    • Participants listing activities via USDA’s Food Waste Challenge:  4198
    • Participants in EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge: 1094

To find out about the participants listing activities via USDA’s Food Waste Challenge – and about their food loss and waste reduction activities—search the participant database:

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