Thursday, February 22, 2018
3:45pm – 5:15pm

TRACK: Ag Production and Rural Opportunities
Outlook for Organic Agriculture

Salons V and VI

According to recent USDA analysis, the market share of organic food sales in the United States continues to grow for most food sectors, reaching 14 percent of total milk sales in 2014, and nearly 7 percent of total egg and vegetable sales. Speakers examine the rise in U.S. organic food demand, organic export markets, and organic production-sector opportunities.

Moderator: Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs, The Organic Center, Washington, DC

Outlook for U.S. Organic Agriculture
A market outlook for the U.S. organic sector similar to those presented for conventional commodity groups.
Catherine Greene, Senior Agricultural Economist, USDA, Economic Research Service, Washington, DC

Meeting Consumer Demand for Organic Fruits and Vegetables
An examination of consumer and industry trends and discussion of the developments in the organic fruit and vegetable sector that reflect these trends.
David Lively, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Organically Grown Company, Eugene, OR

Expanding the U.S. Organic Grain Sector—Challenges and Opportunities
How to address emerging solutions to U.S. production challenges in key organic sectors where U.S. demand exceeds the domestic supply.
Peter Goldbitz, Founder and Director, Agromeris, Estero, FL

USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture