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Agricultural Outlook forum
United States Department of Agriculture

Friday, February 24, 2017 (8:00 a.m.)

TRACK: Farm Policy and Funding
Farm Policy Changes: Home and Abroad
Farm policy changes are on the horizon both here in the United States and abroad. This session brings together three agricultural policy experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities for policy reform in their region. 

Robert Johansson, Chief Economist, USDA, Office of the Chief Economist, Washington, DC

Drivers, challenges and priorities in modernizing and simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Identifying economic, environmental and climate change drivers around which the debate for the future of the CAP evolves.
Speaker: Tassos Haniotis, Director - Strategy, Simplification and Policy Analysis, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Brexit - UK Farming Steps Out Into the World 
UK farming has operated under the CAP for over 40 years. Now facing a new world with unknown details but a clear direction, what are the challenges and can it survive?
Speaker: Paul Temple, Chair, Cereals and Oilseeds Sector Board, Agricultural & Horticultural Development Board, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
U.S. Farm Policy: Continuity or Change? 
The 2014 Farm Bill made important changes, but also continued key features of past policies. Competing forces could result in mild "tweaks" or a new path forward.
Speaker: Patrick Westhoff, Professor and Director, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Columbia, MO