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Safety and Security: Increasingly we have all come to realize that the world presents greater threats to our well being as individuals and a citizenry in terms of health and resources. Challenges such as those related to maintaining a safe food supply and protecting America's plants and animals from invasive pests are critical.

Program Integrity: USDA's benefit and entitlement programs are intended to enhance the quality of life through such means as funding research to improve the nutritional value of food, meeting nutritional needs through the National School Lunch and Food Stamps programs, sustaining farmers and agricultural production, and creating better living and economic conditions in rural areas. But, sadly, programs such as these that are intended to help meet individuals' basic needs must face the challenge daily of misuse by organized groups or individuals.

Protection of Resources: Managing the broad range of USDA's assets and resources, from the national forests to farm commodity programs, requires timely and effective program decisions to protect and conserve them. In addition, USDA's information technology and financial management systems must be able to provide the information necessary to make good program management decisions.


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