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Investing in America Signage Guidelines


The purpose of this content is to provide general guidelines for signs displayed at project sites for projects funded under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), the CHIPS and Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan, and other Federally-funded projects as appropriate. This guidance pertains to signs for Federally­ funded projects that are not installed in the highway right-of­ way.

This document provides information about the Investing In America logo mark as well as how logos, marks and seals of states, cities, and counties can be incorporated into signage. Logos of contractors are not permitted on the signage. When logos are included in signage, the placement should conform to these brand guidelines.


Investing in America sign

Download template file (ZIP, 1.5 MB) 



Investing in America logo mark

Download logo mark (ZIP, 276 KB)


Please review Positioning and Placement for guidance on logo applications with Non-Federal and Federal Organizations, and clear space around the USDA logo.

Partner logos should be no larger than 6"w x 6"h with a minimum of 3.5" of clear space surrounding all sides.


To preserve the integrity of the Investing In America logo mark, make sure to apply them correctly.

Altering, distorting, or recreating the ‘marks’ in any way weakens the power of the image and what it represents. Layout and design of signs and communication materials will vary, so care must be taken when applying the logo mark.


The colors, graphics, and fonts used should conform to graphic standards.

blue color swatch
83, 48, 0, 48 22 / 68 / 132 #164484 PMS 7687 C
red color swatch
0, 100, 81, 0 255 / 0 / 49 #FF0031 PMS 185 C
white color swatch
2, 2, 0, 3 242 / 244 / 248 #F2F4F8 Bright White


The following event signage is for Cabinet and administration-level events on the “Investing in America” tour. 



  • 8x4FT

 Download Banner (ZIP, 17.5 KB) 

President Joe Biden, Investing in America


    Podium Signs

    • 24x10 IN

    Download Podium Sign (ZIP, 2.4 MB)

    President Joe Biden, Investing in America


      Placard Signs

      • 24x16 IN

      Download Placard Sign (ZIP, 2.4 MB)

      President Joe Biden, Investing in America



        Download Sticker (PNG, 162 KB)

        President Joe Biden, Investing in America, U.S. Department of Agriculture