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Rural Economic Development Innovation (REDI) Initiative

Rural Economic Development Planning Progress to Date


Community Needs Assessments Conducted by Region/Community


Regions/Communities that have Identified Goals for Planning Needs


Community Engagements and Interactions Conducted w/ Region

What is REDI?

The Rural Economic Development Innovation (REDI) initiative provides free technical assistance for up to two years to help rural towns and regions create and implement economic development plans.

USDA’s Innovation Center created the REDI initiative to support recommendations identified in the Report to the President of the United States from the Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity. The recommendations outline steps to develop the rural economy and support quality of life.

How it Works

In September 2018, USDA awarded $1.2 million in cooperative agreements to four capacity-building organizations offering specialized planning expertise. The agreements help the partners finance the free assistance.

In June 2019, USDA and its partners selected 48 rural communities and regions on a competitive basis to receive planning assistance from one of the four partner organizations.

The planning process will continue through September 2020.

In the News

REDI Contacts

McClure Engineering
Alex Holland

National Association of Counties Research Foundation
Jack Morgan

Rural Community Assistance Partnership
Ted Stiger

Purdue University and the University of Kentucky
Lionel J. Beaulieu

USDA Innovation Center
Christine Sorensen