Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $84.8 Million for Vital Watershed Projects | USDA Newsroom
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Recovery Act Assistance Will Help Rural Communities

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2009 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that the USDA will be sending $84.8 million to state and local governments to improve water quality, increase water supply, decrease soil erosion, and improve fish and wildlife habitat in rural communities as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

"President Obama is committed to improving water quality, creating more dependable water supplies and decreasing soil erosion and this funding will make a big difference in the lives of the people who live in these rural communities," Vilsack said.

Other major benefits include improved community safety and health, flood mitigation, sediment control, and enhanced fish and wildlife habitat.

"For example," Vilsack said "the Neshaminy Creek Watershed (Pennsylvania) project funding will be used to acquire, elevate and flood-protect approximately 80 homes and businesses in the 100-year flood plain, while the Beaver Creek (Colorado) Watershed project will develop 45 land-treatment contracts with family-owned farms, resulting in significant water quality improvement, water conservation, and enhancement of scarce wildlife habitat."

ARRA funds will be used to develop conservation measures such as planting vegetative cover and creating shallow water ponds to improve wildlife habitat, improving irrigation efficiency and conserving water, installing filter strips and soil erosion control practices, flood proofing homes and enhancing stream corridor and floodplain function, and constructing small flood control dams.

USDA is directing technical and financial assistance available through this funding toward projects that are ready to begin and that will relieve stress on local economies through the creation of over 1,400 jobs.

USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has worked closely with sponsors to identify projects that are ready for immediate implementation.

Location Project Funding
Arkansas Upper Petit Jean 134,000
California Stemple Creek 275,000
California Lower Silver Creek 10,000,000
Colorado Beaver Creek 2,500,000
Colorado Highline Breaks 629,000
Colorado Holbrook Lake Ditch 185,000
Colorado Limestone-Graveyard Creeks 187,000
Colorado Trinidad Lake North 79,000
Iowa Mill Creek 57,500
Iowa Hacklebarney 161,000
Iowa East Fork of The Grand River 1,258,250
Idaho Southern Washington County Water Quality Project 430,000
Kansas Big Caney 214,000
Kentucky Fox Creek 4,092,880
Louisiana Bayou Duralde-Lower Nezpique 1,270,000
Louisiana Red Bayou 3,200,000
Minnesota Whitewater River 299,000
Minnesota Kanaranzi-Little Rock 245,000
Missouri East Yellow Creek 420,000
Missouri West Fork of Big Creek 950,000
Missouri Upper Locust Creek 1,730,000
Missouri Big Creek-Hurricane Creek 950,000
Missouri East Fork of Big Creek 850,000
Montana Buffalo Rapids 281,000
Nebraska Blackwood Creek 2,000,000
New York New York City Watersheds 1,000,000
North Carolina Swan Quarter Watershed 5,280,858
Oklahoma Upper Red Rock Creek 60,000
Oklahoma Stillwater Creek 40,000
Oklahoma Turkey Creek 1,670,000
Pennsylvania Tulpehocken Creek 1,375,000
Pennsylvania Red-White Clay Creeks 430,000
Pennsylvania Brandywine Creek 20,000
Pennsylvania Neshaminy Creek 10,075,000
Northern Marianas (Saipan) Kagman 4,150,000
Texas Elm Creek (Cen-Tex) 746,000
Texas Caney Creek 399,000
Texas Trinity - Big Sandy Creek 369,000
Texas Lower Brushy Creek 2,502,000
Texas Plum Creek 1,335,000
Texas Trinity - Little Elm & Laterals 1,508,000
Texas Trinity - Chambers Creek 8,558,000
Texas Trinity - East Fork Above Lavon 666,000
Texas Trinity - Hickory Creek 658,000
Texas Trinity - Pilot Grove 744,000
Texas Trinity - Richland Creek 3,125,000
Texas Upper Brushy Creek 930,000
Virginia Little Reed Island Creek 225,300
Virginia Chestnut Creek 367,700
Virginia North Fork Powell River 380,000
Washington Omak Creek 625,000
West Virginia Upper Deckers Creek 2,100,000
West Virginia Upper Tygart 3,025,000
Total   84,761,488

Funding provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is part of the Obama Administration's plans to modernize the nation's infrastructure, jumpstart the economy and create jobs. For more information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, visit

To learn more about your eligibility for USDA projects underway through the Recovery Act, go to