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Latest Farm Bill News
  Dec 20, 2013  FACT SHEET: Growing Markets Around the World For America's Agricultural Productivity
  Dec 12, 2013  FACT SHEET: Supporting Innovation That Boosts Agriculture and Creates Jobs in Rural America
  Dec 05, 2013  Statement from USDA Communications Director Matt Paul on Farm Bill Negotiations
  Dec 05, 2013  Report Shows that Farm Bill Conservation Practices Reduce Runoff of Nutrients, Sediment in Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  Dec 04, 2013  Agriculture Secretary Announces Projects to Improve Water Quality
  Dec 03, 2013  FACT SHEET: The Tremendous Impact of Farm Bill Programs on Our Environment and Our Economy
  Nov 21, 2013  Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden Announces Members for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Committee
  Nov 21, 2013  New White House Rural Council Report Highlights the Economic Importance of Passing a Food, Farm and Jobs Bill
  Nov 21, 2013  USDA Announces Projects Using Local Food to Address Hunger and Increase Access to Healthy Food
  Nov 19, 2013  FACT SHEET: Strengthening New Market Opportunities in Local and Regional Food Systems
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