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Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is another way for USDA to distribute information from the website to its users. Using RSS, USDA can feed the latest news articles or entries to you automatically. To use RSS, you will need an RSS reader, such as My MSN, My Yahoo, Firefox Browser, and other downloadable RSS Readers.

To subscribe USDA RSS Feed in Firefox, open this page (/wps/portal?navid=RSS_FEEDS) and click the Go button - then click the orange icon in the right most part of the address bar to display the list of feeds. You can bookmark the USDA headlines by selecting one of the feeds.

You can also easily add these feeds to My Yahoo or My MSN by clicking on the My Yahoo or My MSN button. You may be asked to sign-up or login if you already have an account set-up.

Or, you can easily subscribe to USDA feeds using RSS Readers.
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