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  Jun 24, 2011  arra_news_rt.xml
  Dec 01, 2010  Remarks by The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  Nov 30, 2010  Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on USDA Farm Income Report
  Nov 15, 2010  USDA Report Outlines Food Access in America
  Nov 11, 2010  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Investments to Spur Job Creation and Economic Opportunity in Rural America
  Nov 09, 2010  USDA Submits Comments to Support Development of the National Broadband Plan
  Nov 05, 2010  USDA Announces Recovery Act Project to Bring Jobs, Economic Opportunity Rural Arkansas
  Oct 27, 2010  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Recovery Act Support to Improve Health Care, Library Services and Create Jobs in Rural Communities
  Oct 26, 2010  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Recovery Act Projects that will Create or Save Jobs in 10 States
  Oct 20, 2010  USDA Releases Report on the Impact of the Recovery Act on America's Rural Communities
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