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USDA StrikeForce for Rural Growth and Opportunity


2015 National Results (PDF, 387KB)

"Growing the economy by investing in rural communities, farmers, makers and innovators, and increasing opportunities for families are keys to our nation's future, said Vilsack. "StrikeForce has proven to be an effective, collaborative process that builds partnerships and enables USDA to bring economic opportunity directly to rural Americans where they live and helps rural communities leverage their assets."

Launched in 2010, more than 1,500 StrikeForce partnerships have already helped USDA support nearly 190,000 projects and invest $23.5 billion in high-poverty areas in rural America. Altogether, 970 counties, parishes, boroughs, and census areas through StrikeForce.

StrikeForce is part of the Obama Administration's commitment to address persistent poverty across America. USDA identifies census tracts with over 20 percent poverty (according to American Community Survey data) to identify sub-county pockets of poverty. As areas of persistent poverty are identified, USDA staff work with state, local and community officials to increase awareness of USDA programs and help build program participation through intensive community outreach and technical assistance.

On January 15, 2016, Vilsack announced the expansion of StrikeForce into high-poverty counties in Florida, Missouri, Montana, and Ohio.

Learn more about how StrikeForce is making a difference in the Fact Sheets highlighting result through 2015, below:

See the National Map of StrikeForce Counties (PDF, 4MB):