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Most Frequently Used USDA Acronyms

Here are some common acronyms and terms used at USDA. While not complete or comprehensive, we will be adding more items periodically.

  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
  • ADAA: Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act
  • AMS: Agricultural Marketing Service
  • ANPR: Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  • AO: Administrative Office
  • APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • ARRA: American Recovery and Investment Act
  • ARS: Agricultural Research Service
  • ATRA: The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
  • CCC: Commodity Credit Corporation
  • CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
  • CODEX: U.S. Codex Office
  • CR: Civil Rights
  • eCFR: Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
  • EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity
  • EO: Executive Order
  • ERS: Economic Research Service
  • FAS: Foreign Agricultural Service
  • FFAS: Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service
  • FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act
  • FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act
  • FNCS: Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services
  • FNS: Food and Nutrition Service
  • FOIA: Freedom of Information Act
  • FPAC Business Center: Farm Production and Conservation Business Center
  • FS: Forest Service
  • FSA: Farm Service Agency
  • FSIS: Food Safety and Inspection Service
  • FY: Fiscal Year
  • GS: General Schedule
  • IG:  Inspector General
  • MOA: Memorandum of Agreement
  • MOI: Memorandum of Interview
  • MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
  • MRP: Marketing and Regulatory Programs
  • NAL: National Agricultural Library
  • NARA: National Archives and Records Administration
  • NASS: National Agricultural Statistics Service
  • NFC: National Finance Center
  • NHPA: National Historic Preservation Act
  • NIFA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
  • NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • NRE: Natural Resources and the Environment
  • OA: Office of the Administrator
  • OAA: Office of the Associate Administrator
  • OAE: Office of Advocacy and Enterprise
  • OALJ: Office of Administrative Law Judges
  • OAO: Office of Advocacy and Outreach
  • OASA: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration
  • OASCR: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.
  • OBPA: Office of Budget and Program Analysis
  • OC: Office of Communications
  • OCA: Office of the Consumer Advisor
  • OCE: Office of Community Engagement; Office of the Chief Economist
  • OCFO: Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • OCHRO: Office of the Chief Human Resources Director
  • OCIO: Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • OCR: Office of Congressional Relations
  • OCS: Office of the Chief Scientist
  • OES: Office of the Executive Secretariat
  • OGC: Office of the General Counsel
  • OGE: Office of Government Ethics
  • OHR: Office of Human Resources
  • OHSE: Office of Homeland Security and Emergency
  • OIE: World Organization for Animal Health
  • OIG: Office of Inspector General
  • OMB: Office of Management and Budget
  • OPPE: Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement
  • OSDBU: Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
  • OSEC: Office of the Secretary
  • OTR: Office of Tribal Relations
  • RBCS: Rural Business Cooperative Service
  • RD: Rural Development
  • REE: Research, Education and Economics
  • RHS: Rural Housing Service
  • RMA: Risk Management Agency
  • RUS: Rural Utilities Service
  • SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
  • TFAA: Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs
  • U.S.C.: United States Code
  • USDA: United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Marketing Service
Agricultural Research Service
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Contracting and Purchasing
Economic Research Service
Food Safety and Inspection Service
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Risk Management Agency
Rural Development
U.S. Forest Service