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Our Commitment to
Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security
At USDA, we are leveraging all our resources
to ensure access to healthy foods that promote
well-being in an equitable way.



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What is nutrition security?

Nutrition security means all Americans have consistent access to the safe, healthy, affordable foods essential to optimal health and well-being. Nutrition security builds on food security by focusing on how the quality of our diets can help reduce diet-related diseases. It also emphasizes equity and tackling long-standing health disparities.


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What is the problem?

Poor nutrition is a leading cause of illness in the U.S., associated with more than half a million deaths per year. It is linked with increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as well as broader impacts including higher health care costs and decreased productivity.  

Though poor nutrition affects every demographic, diet-related diseases hit harder among historically underserved communities.  


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What is USDA doing?

USDA wants to engage with all its partners and stakeholders on ways to increase nutrition security. Together, we can make progress that will change lives and ensure a healthier, more prosperous future for all Americans. 

USDA’s work to advance nutrition security focuses on four pillars:

Read the Actions on Nutrition Security (PDF, 792 KB) 
View the Infographic (PDF, 203 KB)