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USDA Increases Pandemic-EBT Benefits to Millions of Food Insecure Children
   2021-01-22 00:00:55.196
USDA is increasing Pandemic EBT benefits and is looking at ways to provide extra SNAP benefits to low-income households. (Stephanie Ho)

USDA Extends Housing Relief for Millions of Rural Residents
   2021-01-22 00:00:59.977
USDA is extending relief for millions of rural residents who have USDA housing loans. (Stephanie Ho)

Cattle Feedlot Numbers Show Beef Cattle Industry in a "Steady State"
   2021-01-22 00:01:00.107
The numbers in the latest USDA report on cattle feedlot activity are remarkably similar to the numbers in the same report one year ago. (Gary Crawford and Shayle Shagam, USDA livestock analyst)

Actuality: Some Key Numbers from Friday's USDA Cattle on Feed Report
   2021-01-22 00:00:29.152
Shayle Shagam, USDA livestock analyst, giving some of the key numbers in Friday's USDA cattle feedlot report.

Actuality: Percentage of Heifers in Feedlots Same as a Year Ago
   2021-01-22 00:00:30.772
Shayle Shagam, USDA livestock analyst, talking about the percentage of heifers in feedlot inventories this year and last year at this time.

Managing Risks in Dynamic Times for Agriculture
   2021-01-22 00:01:00.055
How can producers strategize risk management when dynamic situations such a natural disaster, price swings, or even a pandemic, affect their business? (Rod Bain and Jack Davis of South Dakota State University Extension)

Actuality: Ag Risk Management Strategic Plan and Analysis
   2021-01-22 00:00:52.819
Jack Davis of South Dakota State University Extension discusses how often producers should create a strategic plan to manage risk, and the types of analysis they should conduct.

Improving Knowledge Inputs and Outputs in Precision Ag
   2021-01-22 00:01:00.003
Precision agriculture is not just about a greater degree of focus on inputs, but also a greater degree of extracting important data for decisions. (Rod Bain and Daren Coppick of the American Retailers Association)

Actuality: Precision Ag and Extracting Key Data
   2021-01-22 00:00:57.573
Daren Coppick of the American Retailers Association explains the premises of precision agriculture, and the need to improve extraction of data to best benefit end users such as ag producers.

A Familiar Name Could Return to a Familiar Role
   2021-01-21 00:01:00.316
One of the longest tenured U.S. Agriculture Secretaries could resume the role pending Senate confirmation of his nomination by President Biden. (Rod Bain and former Secretary Tom Vilsack)

USDA Deputy Secretary Nominee Named
   2021-01-21 00:00:59.898
Virginia's Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Service has been nominated to become the number two official within the U.S. Agriculture Department. (Rod Bain and Dr. Jewel Bronaugh)

Former Secretaries on Farm Policy Focal Points Going Forward.
   2021-01-21 00:01:00.160
What do some former Secretaries of Agriculture see as important farm and food policy issues the new Presidential administration must address? (Rod Bain. Former Secretaries Mike Espy, Dan Glickman, and Anne Veneman)

Majority of U.S. Dairy Operations Enrolled in Dairy Margin Coverage
   2021-01-21 00:00:59.820
Nearly three-fourths of all established dairy operations in the country have enrolled in USDA's Dairy Margin Coverage program for the 2021 program year. (Stephanie Ho and Marin Bozic, University of Minnesota assistant professor)

Farm Population Getting Older, Increasing the Need for More Paid Help
   2021-01-21 00:01:00.133
The need for more part time help with farm work is growing, along with the average age of farmers. (Gary Crawford. Virginia farmer, MaryJane Cathers. Farm workers, Keith and Dawn Grove.)

Newest Dietary Guidelines Still Stress Old Standbys, Variety and Moderation
   2021-01-21 00:01:00.133
Do you give up a food item if you hear one report that it's bad for you? Do you go overboard on a food that is supposed to be good for you? If so, you are not alone. (Gary Crawford, Amanda Barnes, Karen Ensle and Penny Kris-Etherton)

Inauguration Weather Has Changed History More Than Once
   2021-01-19 00:00:57.391
**Broadcasters: This story for use only before noon, EST, Wed. Jan. 20.** Presidential Inaugurations are history makers in themselves, but combine those events with nasty weather and you can get some tragic results. (Gary Crawford, former President John F. Kennedy and Mark Brusberg)

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Agriculture USA

Growing Urban Ag Outreach in USDA
   2021-01-19 00:05:00.408
A USDA office established under the 2018 Farm Bill continued its build up and build out process over the course of the last year, with the end goal being continued customer service to those involved in urban agriculture and innovative practices. Rod Bain looks at the progress in developing this new office in this edition of "Agriculture USA". PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Acting Chief Kevin Norton and Terry D'addio of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Richard Fordyce.

Consumer Time

Food Prices--Another Reason to Want to Forget 2020
   2021-01-19 00:03:00.114
The final food price inflation figures are in for 2020. They show the sharpest price increases in almost a decade. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Carolyn Chelius, USDA economist.

Getting the Facts about GMO's is Easier Now
   2021-01-19 00:03:00.114
Getting the facts about genetically modified foods is a lot easier now. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Karen Blakeslee, Kansas State University Extension Food Safety Specialist and Coordinator of the Rapid Response Center for Food Science.

Beef's Refocus on the Retail Meat Section
   2021-01-19 00:02:38.014
The circumstances of a pandemic led the beef industry to shift its marketing and promotion focus on sales over the meat counter of grocery stores and supermarkets. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain. Paul Dykstra of Certified Angus Beef. Norm Voyles of the Cattlemen's Beef Board.

2020--How Hot Was It?
   2021-01-19 00:03:00.114
Did 2020 seem warmer than normal to you? Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey.

Wild Weather---Wild Football
   2021-01-19 00:02:59.800
Some of the NFL playoff games so far have been played in fairly decent weather, nothing like some wild games of the past. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist. Also former Packers running back, Chuck Mercein. Former Miami Dolphins coach, Don Shula.

Agriculture Update

USDA Expands Eligibility for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program
   2021-01-19 00:02:29.969
The latest update to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program includes expanded eligibility for some commodities. Stephanie Ho has the story. PARTICIPANTS: Stepanie Ho. Under Secretary Bill Northey. Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce.

What Were Some of the Big Changes in USDA’s January Crop Reports?
   2021-01-19 00:02:24.431
What were some of the big changes in USDA's January crop reports? Stephanie Ho has the story. PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho and World Ag Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski.

USDA Aims to Help Producers with Natural Disaster Impact on Crop Quality
   2021-01-19 00:02:29.969
USDA is aiming to help producers weather the negative impact of qualifying natural disasters on crop quality. Stephanie Ho reports. PARTICIPANTS: Stephanie Ho. Undersecretary Bill Northey. FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce.

A Look Back at 2020's Farmland Market and Prospects for 2021
   2021-01-19 00:02:30.099
One expert says farmland values managed to hold their ground in 2020, despite Covid-19, but what about 2021? Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Randy Dickhut with Farmers National Company.

Wild Winds and Possible Impacts to Winter Wheat
   2021-01-19 00:02:04.238
A recent weather system was noted for record wind gusts, but the greater concern is how it might impact some of the nation's winter wheat areas. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey