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Connecting Pollinator Health, Nutrition, and Climate
   2024-06-14 00:01:00.316
* - National Pollinator Week is June 17 - 23 - * USDA researchers are looking into how potential climate impacts affect both pollinator health and nutrition. (Rod Bain and Gayle Hoffman)

Actuality: Pollinator Gardens in Improving Pollinator Health
   2024-06-14 00:00:31.059
* - June 17 - 23 is National Pollinator Month - * USDA researcher Gayle Hoffman discusses the importance of pollinator gardens in the overall wellbeing of pollinator populations.

A Unique Rural Housing Program
   2024-06-14 00:01:00.144
Here's a story about a unique rural housing program. (Gary Crawford. USDA Rural Housing Service Administrator Joaquin Altoro. Idaho home owner, Sandra Sauceda) ****June is National Home Ownership Month.****

Actuality: One of the Rules of the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program
   2024-06-14 00:00:25.824
Idaho homeowner, Sandra Sauceda, talks about one of rules of the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program.

Latest USDA Domestic Wheat Production Forecasts and Balance Sheet
   2024-06-14 00:00:59.324
How do the numbers USDA forecasts for U.S. wheat production this month factor into the latest domestic supply and demand estimate? (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

What’s Behind Lower Black Sea Region Wheat Forecasts
   2024-06-14 00:00:59.533
Wheat production forecasts in Russia and Ukraine were reduced by USDA this month, but what is behind this decrease? (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

June Corn Outlook Focuses on Black Sea Region
   2024-06-14 00:01:00.186
Production forecasts for Russia and Ukraine are the predominant items within USDA's corn World Supply and Demand Estimate this month. (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

Adjustments in Brazil Bean Production
   2024-06-13 00:00:59.611
USDA’s latest lowering of last year’s Brazil soybean production forecast led to changes in the June global supply and demand estimate. (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

What is Behind Lower Cotton Price Forecast in June?
   2024-06-13 00:00:59.924
What adjustments were made in USDA’s domestic cotton supply and demand ledger this month that led to a lowering of the season ending average price forecast? (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

Record Rice Crop in India and Global Balance Sheet
   2024-06-13 00:00:59.794
A forecast of record rice production in India for the past marketing year reflects changes in USDA’s latest supply and demand estimate for the world. (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

Consumer Meat Prices Continuing To Rise
   2024-06-13 00:00:58.392
Consumer meat prices are continuing to rise. (Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Megan Sweitzer)

Actuality: Three Foods That Are Costing Less than Last Year
   2024-06-13 00:00:22.032
This week's Consumer Price Index shows three food categories which are costing less than this time last year. (Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Megan Sweitzer)

USDA Raises U.S. Winter Wheat Production Forecast
   2024-06-12 00:00:58.080
Winter wheat prospects are improving in the U.S. but getting worse in the Blacl Sea regions. (Gary Crawford and Nick Streff with USDA's National Agrlcultural Statistics Service)

Best U.S. Wheat Production Numbers in Five Years?
   2024-06-12 00:01:00.003
USDA’s latest winter wheat production forecast reveals what could be a significant harvest for the 2024 crop. (Rod Bain and Nick Streff of the National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Actuality: Winter Wheat Yields by State and Variety Production
   2024-06-12 00:00:30.014
Nick Streff of the National Agricultural Statistics Service discusses notable state winter wheat yield totals as well as production forecasts by variety within USDA’s June reports.

U.S. - and Florida - Orange Production Up
   2024-06-12 00:00:59.768
The only state reporting orange production forecasts for USDA's June crop production reports contributes to an expected increase in the national crop. (Rod Bain and Mark Hudson of the National Agricultural Statistics Service)

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Agriculture USA

Examples of USDA Collaboration in Tribal Food Sovereignty
   2024-06-11 00:05:00.251
The recent National Congress of American Indians provided the Agriculture Secretary opportunity to discuss several of USDA’s recent efforts to advanced increased food sovereignty and self determination in Tribal nations. Rod Bain looks at some of these programs and projects in this edition of “Agriculture USA”. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack

Consumer Time

USDA Tribal Focused Efforts Announced
   2024-06-11 00:02:40.653
The Agriculture Secretary recently announced expanded and new projects focused on tribal food and resource management sovereignty. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack

Support Mechanisms for Wood Innovation Projects
   2024-06-11 00:02:45.929
The umbrella of U.S. Forest Service Wood Innovation efforts includes three grant programs – with recent announcements of funding projects through these entities. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Brian Brashaw of the U.S. Forest Service

What Should You Do When a Tick Puts the Bite on You?
   2024-06-11 00:02:58.808
When a tick forms an attachment to you and puts the bite on you, what should you do about it? Gary Crawford has advice from an expert. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford. University of Kentucky Professor Emeritus of Entomology Lee Townsend.

The Tricky Business of Controlling Ants Around the Home
   2024-06-11 00:03:00.192
Controlling ants around the home can be tricky business. Gary Crawford has more---not more ants, just more information. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Kait Chapman, University of Nebraska extension insect expert.

Quirky Questions about Cuisine
   2024-06-11 00:02:42.089
We consumers can certainly come up with some interesting and odd questions to ask food experts. Gary Crawford has the story. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and Kansas State University extension food expert, Karen Blakeslee. Classic comedian, Groucho Marx.

Agriculture Update

USDA H5N1 Response Adds a Pilot Program
   2024-06-11 00:02:21.244
Producers in participating states can enroll in a pilot program connected to continuing response to the H5N1 virus in dairy cows. Rod Bain reports. PARTICPANTS: Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack

A Specialty Crop Export Program That's Ace (or ASCE)
   2024-06-11 00:02:27.435
USDA's new Assisting Special Crop Exports Initiative (pronounced "Ace") is now accepting program funding applications for efforts to address specific export challenges. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Alexis Taylor

A Snapshot of Grassland CRP
   2024-06-11 00:02:26.468
With acreage enrollment underway for the Grassland Conservation Reserve Program, USDA’s Farm Service Agency Administrator provides an example of what this looks like at the landowner level. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and FSA Administrator Zach Ducheneaux * - Grassland CRP sign up takes place through June 28th. - *

Update on Animal Disease Traceability Efforts
   2024-06-11 00:02:04.238
A new final rule amends a decade old regulation on Animal Disease Traceability, allowing for digitally and visually read identification tags for certain cattle and bison. Rod Bain reports. PARTICIPANTS: Rod Bain and Alex Turner of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

A Couple of Positive Signs in Latest Ag. Trade Update
   2024-06-11 00:02:08.208
There are at least a couple of positive signs in USDA's latest ag. trade update. Gary Crawford has more. PARTICIPANTS: Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Bart Kenner.