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Our Commitment to Equity
At USDA, we are recommitting ourselves to the values of equity and inclusion rooted in justice and equal opportunity for our employees and those we serve.

We know that people’s frustrations run deep and are rooted in their own daily battles – to make ends meet, to maintain their land, to put food on their tables, and to see their children have a shot at economic opportunity. The increasing gap in wealth and opportunities challenges the very core of who we are as a Department. This is why USDA is making EQUITY a priority.

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USDA established an Equity Commission comprised of external stakeholders who will conduct a thorough review of USDA policies and programs and provide the Secretary with a set of recommendations on how the Department can advance equity. Its interim reports will be completed in 2022 with the goal of submitting the final report to the Secretary by 2023. While the Equity Commission may make recommendations that require Congressional action – where USDA has the authority to do so and assuming the recommendations are practicable and sound – USDA intends to take swift action and will incorporate recommendations of the Equity Commission into USDA’s Equity Action Plan.

Equity Commission


While waiting for the Equity Commission’s recommendations, USDA is taking swift actions in alignment with Executive Order 13985, Civil Rights Laws, and other applicable laws and authorities to advance equity in program design, delivery, and services. Based on stakeholder input and internal equity assessments, USDA challenged its offices and programs to identify actions that will build and maintain trust, reduce barriers to access, and increase USDA investments towards underserved communities. The USDA Equity Action Plan highlights a subset of these actions that are high-impact and crosscutting and are slated to commence implementation starting in Fiscal Year 2022.

USDA Equity Action Plan

View the accomplishment report (PDF, 187 KB)

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Recognizing the role of a healthy and inclusive organizational culture and the need to build an organization that reflects the communities that the agencies and programs serve, USDA is looking inward to understand what it will take to build an organization that centers DEIA. USDA hired a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and has submitted a DEIA Strategic Plan to the Office of Personnel and Management.