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Our Commitment to Equity
At USDA, we are recommitting ourselves to the values of equity and inclusion rooted in justice and equal opportunity for our employees and those we serve.


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Recognizing Opportunities

This includes recognizing opportunities within the Department that ensure historically underserved groups more fully access and participate in USDA programs and services.


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Integrating Civil Rights and Equity

We will work to ensure all aspects of civil rights and equity are integrated across USDA, and we desire to build a workforce more representative of America.


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Rooting Out Generations of Systemic Racism

USDA is taking bold historic action to root out generations of systemic racism, to deeply integrate equity in decision-making and policymaking, and to build equitable systems and programming inclusive of all employees and all customers.


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Equity Progress

Equity Commission - Call for Nomination
View the accomplishment report (PDF, 572 KB)