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Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on National Agriculture Day

WASHINGTON, March 21, 2023 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today released the following statement in celebration of the annual National Agriculture Day:

"On this 50th National Ag Day, we recognize the contributions of American farmers, farmworkers, ranchers, forest landowners, and all agricultural producers in providing our nation – and this world – with its food, fuel, and fiber.

“Throughout our history, Americans have faced unprecedented challenges, but we have always been able to endure thanks in large part to the unwavering efforts of those who work the land. Because of the efforts of our agricultural communities, here in America we all benefit from a rich abundance of safe and nutritious food, which allows us to thrive as one of the few nations on earth that is food secure and not dependent on any other nation for basic food needs. American agriculture is able to lead the world into a climate-smart future as farmers, ranchers and producers take seriously their responsibility to be stewards of our land and water and take part in every day climate smart practices that improve soil health and water quality.

“Rural America is the backbone of this country, and the strength of our agricultural and rural communities supports the vitality and prosperity of our entire country while bolstering our national security and competitive edge. Last year marked record export numbers for the agricultural sector, showing that there is a global desire for the high-quality foods produced here at home and that our agricultural industry understands their role in feeding the world, with productivity and with compassion.

“At USDA, we remain steadfast in our commitment to expanding market opportunities, ensuring an agricultural economy that benefits the many and not just the few, and meeting the moment for the opportunities before us. As we look toward another year of agricultural leadership, innovation, and growth, let us shine a light on all that our agricultural and rural communities do for our great country.”


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