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Feds Feed Families

2021 marks the 12th annual government-wide Feds Feed Families (FFF) food drive, which encourages employees from all federal departments and agencies to give in-kind contributions -- food, services, and time -- to food banks and pantries. This year’s campaign highlights a summer of giving in June through August, along with seasonal reminders to donate throughout the year.

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2021 USDA Feds Feed Families Team

USDA Co-Chairs

Lianne Hibbert and Lula Wallace


AMS - Douglas Keeler

APHIS - Joseph Tangredi

ARS - Pamela Pehrsson (NEA), Jill Stetka (NPS), Terry Brady (NPS), Maria Restrepo-Hartwig (OTT)

ERS - Wilson Sinclair

FAS - Meghan Lap

FNS - Shelly Beatty, Kristin Garcia

FS - Matthews Smith

FSA - Brandon Walker

FSIS - Bill Shaw

NASS - Fred Granja

NIFA - Thomas Devine

NRCS - Beverly Moseley, Cory Owens

OCP - Domoni Alexander-Bowe

OGC - Mina Kim

RD - Joaquin Tremols

RMA - Heather Manzano




The 2021 campaign focuses on online donations and virtual food drives, while also providing guidance for in-person donations and events as appropriate. Federal employees can go to the FFF Hub, to find out how and where to donate online or in-person at food banks and food pantries, how to organize virtual food-drives, how to find field or warehouse gleaning opportunities, and how to share donation success stories.

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Since Feds Feed Families launched in 2009, this campaign has collected more than 99 million pounds of food for donation. In 2020 alone, federal employees donated more than 7 million pounds. USDA is the designated lead agency for the National Feds Feeds Families campaign for the U.S. government nationwide.

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