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Equity Commission Reports

The 2024 Equity Commission cover graphic

Equity Commission Final Report

As a culmination of analysis of USDA programs and services, research and review of previous USDA commissions and reports, numerous conversations with the Department’s staff, and welcomed input of Americans spanning the country, the Equity Commission published and presented their Final Report on February 22, 2024.

The Final Report is an attestation to the commitment of the Equity Commission and its Agriculture and Rural Community Economic Development Subcommittees and their expansive knowledge and expertise in how equity can be integrated so that all customers of USDA receive a fair shot at a prosperous, successful livelihood.

Final Report in English (PDF, 2.0 MB)Informe Final En Español (PDF, 1.7 MB)

The 2024 Equity Commission A Path Forward cover graphic

A New Path Forward: A Progress Report on the Implementation of the Equity Commission’s Recommendations

With the release of the Equity Commission’s final report, USDA will continue to exhaust every tool available to us to implement the 66 recommendations so we can continue to advance equity for all. This document expands on that initial response and provides updates that have taken place since – and in some cases as a result of – the Interim Recommendations. Additionally, this document includes a subset of actions that are underway that relate to the new recommendations passed by the Equity Commission in October 2023.

Progress Report on EC Recommendations (PDF, 4.7 MB)

The Equity Commission 2023 Interim Report cover

The Commission presented the 2023 Interim Report (PDF, 1.2 MB) (En Español (PDF, 1.3 MB)) to the Secretary of Agriculture on February 28, 2023. The Equity Commission Interim Report includes 32 actionable recommendations that USDA can implement to modify programs, policies, practices, culture, systems, and structures to reduce disparities and advance racial justice and equity for underserved communities. The recommendations were introduced by the Agriculture Subcommittee and voted on at the public meeting in early February, 2023. The recommendations focus on near and long-term actions related to:

  • How USDA Works with Farmers, Ranchers, and Producers Day-to-Day;
  • USDA’s Need for Department-Wide Change;
  • USDA’s Commitment to Farmworkers and Their Families;
  • USDA’s Research and Extension Programs; and
  • USDA Nutrition Programs

USDA Response to Equity Commission Interim Report 2023 (PDF, 642 KB)