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Posted by USDA in Technology
Mar 26, 2009

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Category/Topic: Technology

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Trish McIntyre
Jan 23, 2012

I am a senior disabled lady who, in no shape, way or form, believes in horse slaughter. Only reason to "put a horse down", and that form be euthanasia NOT bludgeoning a horse senseless, then slitting the animals throats while it is alive & hanging the horse by it's rear legs to drain of it's blood, is when there is no medical cure for the animal. I pray this senseless idea of horse slaughter is stopped in my lifetime. It has gone on too far already & then, so-called, Unwanted Horses are still shipped to Canada & Mexico for slaughter for the European Dining Table. It is a sin of destroying such majestic animals for food consumption in any country; the sin is on the human for their greed such as the rancher, the home developer & the concrete jungles of America developers NOT Any of Our Equine friends...

I read your Pro & Cons & can tell a BS story when I read one; any horse, like any dog or cat, etc, can be rehabbed with, first, LOVE, understanding, then training.

One of the smartest breed of horses in the world is the Mustang. Goodness, they have survived for centuries in the wild, but then again, it is the American greed for money and that comes with destroying the lands the Mustang roamed for those eons and condemning these magnificent herds to death for selfish reasons... Our ancestors valued such animals, even the Indian Nations as well as the Pioneers, but the "civilized humans" of today are just too shallow to see the value of these herds or any horse. Shame on you all...

Betsy Andrews
Dec 20, 2017

In rolling back Obama-era rules for how animals should be treated if their meat is going to be sold as “certified organic,” the USDA is negating one of the main reasons for the organic label, and rendering that label meaningless. Part of eating organically is the understanding that the meat we are eating was raised humanely, that the animal had a decent quality of life. I strongly suspect that the USDA is bending to lobbyist pressure from some "Big Organic" corporation that wants mass-produce "organic"-labelled meat on the cheap. I strongly oppose this move on the part of the USDA, and I will STOP buying all "certified organic" meat and eat only locally raised meat from farmers that I personally know. So this Big Org effort is not going to work; the entire industry will lose the faith of those who care about what they eat.