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USDA’s Biotechnology Deregulation Process

Posted by APHIS Staff in Animals Plants
Feb 21, 2017

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) works diligently to ensure that genetically engineered (GE) organisms such as Pioneer’s hybrid corn seed is just as safe for agriculture and the environment as traditionally bred crop varieties.

Our biotechnology deregulation process is a complex method of evaluation that we take very seriously. Our involvement begins when an organization wishes to import, move interstate, or field-test a GE plant, which is done under our permitting and notification system.

After several years of field testing and data collection, preparation for commercialization begins. At this point, a request for the determination of nonregulated status with APHIS is filed, which means enough data has been gathered to demonstrate the new crop variety is not a plant pest, poses no threat to agriculture or the environment, and should no longer be regulated by USDA.

These steps toward a determination of nonregulated status were strictly followed by APHIS during Pioneer’s petition for their GE corn event DP-32138-1. APHIS prepared a plant pest risk assessment as required by the Plant Protection Act and an environmental assessment in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA. APHIS determined that the corn is unlikely to pose a plant pest risk and is therefore no longer subject to APHIS regulations.

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Jun 28, 2011

I think this is a shame. The USDA should be outlawing all genetically modified food, not deregulating it. It was found that Monsanto's round up causes birth defects. What is this one going to do? Will what food it goes into be labeled as genetically modified? Or will the industry try and hide it? Shame shame shame on you!!

Jun 28, 2011

Megan, you said it all!

Jun 28, 2011

So what this says is that Pioneers hybrid corn seedis just as bad for agriculture and the environment as traditionally bred crop varieties (all other types of industrial corn) Its all going to fatten a steer at a concintrated feed lot or be processed into "food" to fatten our youth. Who wants to directly consume anything that says Genetically Engineered?

Jun 28, 2011

If this country wants to allow GE plants, I want to know the produce came from it. ON THE LABEL! Odd that so many EU countries are now banning this type of modification in food stuffs. What will this do to our ability to offer free trade across international borders? This is not good news. I want to be able to be informed about where my food comes from, how it is raised and manufactured and what I put into my family's bellies! Monsanto is not a friend to small, sustainable production farmers. This is tragic.

Jun 29, 2011

To claim that genetically engineered corn "poses no threat to agriculture or the environment," is naive. It's a direct threat to organic farmers who have absolutely no control over pollination patterns of bees and other insects. Just look at what's happening with organic farmers and monsanto!? You're just adding to the problem. Shame on you! Organic farmers should be your bread and butter. Not big ag that treats our animals like crap and backs huge industry.

One of God's People
Jun 29, 2011

This is typical government activity. Trying to take the place of God and fill their own depraved agenda. They couldn't get rid of enough babies through abortion or senior citizens through euthanasia. Pushing garbage food at fast food restaurants didn't help them with population control so they got the American medical profession started. That is bringing in big bucks now for doctors and killing many. President Obama pushes his junk and only muslims are exempt. BUT government is not going to be exempt from burning in hell with satan for eternity! And they can't get rid of God!

Janine Zimardo
Jul 01, 2011

"USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) works diligently to ensure that genetically engineered (GE) organisms such as Pioneer’s hybrid corn seed is just as safe for agriculture and the environment as traditionally bred crop varieties."

I would like to inspect the *work* APHIS did to ensure GE Pioneer's hybrid corn seed is safe for humans and the environment.Your link to their website brings up the main page which is carnival like and practically unreadable.Where is the data? Please supply a link - your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Apr 19, 2012

USDA says Pioneer/Monsanto GMO are safe.
However, Pioneer/Monsanto do not eat their GMO food.
It is better if USDA and GMO companies eat GMO food for three generations and find no health problem, then may tell that it is safe and may suggest us to eat what they do not eat now.

Arthur Tesla
Oct 28, 2014

NO genetically engineered foods! What the Hell is the matter with you people at APHIS and the USDA! Consumers are Opposed to your genetically engineered poison foods!! Our government should be protecting the people and not working for Monsanto and the Biotech companies!

Oct 28, 2014

Really a shame to see so many anti progress comments here. I'd really like to see a little less on the regulation end of this industry. There is some really cool potential in using known genes to impart useful and needed proteins into our current crops and perhaps a little less hoops to jump through would promote a little more competition right now in the industry. There's a lot of hate for Monsanto out there but if they're the only ones that can afford the process it just promotes a monopoly.

Jan 23, 2017

What I find astonishing is that it is very likely the same anti-GMO folks who would never dream of stopping stem cell research, nor genetic based cancer cures. I wonder how many of them know what it's like to be a family farmer in America today. They decry corporate agri-business while cutting the throats of the family farmer by advocating for more regulations. Pure hypocrisy in action. (PS - Most of the domestic food today is genetically modified through breeding, a hybrid is a hybrid, love those beefsteak tomatoes though, huh?)