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Tackling Childhood Obesity with Fuel Up to Play 60

Posted by Dana Coale, AMS Dairy Programs Deputy Administrator in Food and Nutrition Initiatives
Feb 21, 2017
St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford challenges Fuel Up to Play 60 participants to a milk drinking competition during the Student Ambassador Summit in Washington, D.C. (Photo Courtesy of
St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford challenges Fuel Up to Play 60 participants to a milk drinking competition during the Student Ambassador Summit in Washington, D.C. (Photo Courtesy of

As students across the country get back in school and we gear up for Monday Night Football, the Fuel Up to Play 60 program is ready for another action-packed year of nutrition and fitness events. An initiative that encourages kids of all ages to be healthy and active, the overall goal of the program is to tackle childhood obesity.

Students can get involved with Fuel Up to Play 60 on the program website, where they can pledge to make healthy eating choices and do at least 60 minutes of physical exercise a day. An online dashboard allows students to track their progress and rewards them for meeting personal goals.

They can also work with peers to complete challenges. The website also brings students the latest news, tips and challenges, as well as videos from their favorite National Football League (NFL) stars.  They can even view and upload videos from school physical challenges.

While getting students active and in the game is the primary goal, Fuel Up to Play 60 encourages others to get involved. The Fuel Up to Play 60 partnership represents an unprecedented pledge to our kids to help get them moving toward physical fitness and health, a key element of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative.  Parents and family can set a good example and make healthy food choices available at home. Businesses can support and promote the program. Health professionals can help evaluate their local school’s nutrition and physical activity environment or volunteer at local health fairs.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is a team effort. The National Dairy Council® and the NFL founded the program and provide the majority of its funding. However, the program benefits from partnerships with government agencies, health care professionals, private businesses, educators, and communities across the country.

Featuring school nutrition programs such as the Healthier US Schools Challenge, the USDA is also a leading partner of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. The National Dairy Council is the nutrition marketing arm of the dairy research and promotion program, one of several programs that the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) oversees to support domestic agriculture industries. A pioneer in child nutrition research, the National Dairy Council offers resources like the Snackulator, a tool that provides recipes and nutrition facts. Nutrition is a priority within the USDA and it encourages students and schools alike to find fun, innovative ways to raise awareness about the importance of eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise.

True progress can only be made if many players are involved, so the USDA and the rest of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team encourage everyone to join the movement. Together, we can defeat childhood obesity.

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Feb 16, 2012

My kid does a program called, "Adventure to Fitness" that she loves to death! The program is free for every school in our district according to my daughter's teacher.
I would love if you could do an article regarding Adventure to Fitness as I believe as a parent they are really trying to help our kids.

Here is their website from what I can gather

Here is the website that the teachers access in order to play the episode


Theresa Carmichael
Aug 06, 2014

To whom it may concern,

The Student Nutrition Organization of San Diego State University is planning its “2nd Annual
Kids Eat Right Dinner Gala and Silent Auction”, scheduled for November 7th, 2014. This memorable evening will be held at the historic Hall of Champions in San Diego's Balboa Park. In it’s first year the event garnered national recognition from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Our goal is to expand the awareness of childhood obesity and its growing importance on our community. This admirable cause educates, advocates, and demonstrates healthy lifestyle choices in order to prevent chronic disease from a young age. Our organization has adopted these values and is passionate about this cause.

We are currently looking for our keynote speaker for this event. As the Coordinator of Professional Speakers for the SDSU Student Nutrition Organization, I believe the Play 60 movement represents everything we stand for. We would love to have a representative from your company to speak for our more than 100 guests at this event. If this is something Play 60 would be interested in, please contact me directly at the email listed above.

We look forward to working with you.
Kind Regards,
Theresa Carmichael
Student Nutrition Organization
Coordinator of Professional Speakers
T: 661-699-4724

Alyssa McClelland
Aug 18, 2014

Hello Theresa-

I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was forwarded this message from the National office. I did try to call you today but your VM is full. We would be happy to speak at your event in SD! Feel free to contact me via email or phone.
Alyssa McClelland