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An Explanation of Green Jobs Policies, Theory, Measurement Approaches, and Job Growth Expectations

Posted by Marvin Duncan, Office of Energy Policy and New Uses in Energy
Oct 28, 2011

A new white paper titled An Explanation of Green Jobs Policies, Theory, Measurement Approaches, and Job Growth Expectations was written by Iowa State University through a cooperative agreement with USDA’s Office of Energy Policy and New Uses.  The authors explore policy, theoretical foundations, and the approaches to measuring green jobs in the United States.  The paper contains brief descriptions of national and state initiatives to quantify green jobs, as well as their potential for growth.  The study finds there is little academic research that conceptualizes the green economy.  Regional research to assist state and local policy development is needed, along with evaluations investigating offsetting job losses.

There are currently twin public policy focuses regarding green jobs.  The first concerns imply value of the activity; namely, the ability to conserve energy and other natural resources as well as reduce pollution.  The second focus is the job producing value.  While most people agree that the environmentally beneficial goals of policy developments are essential, the job creation goals are foremost in most policymakers’ minds.

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Helen Smiley
Oct 28, 2011

Please inform me as to how my company and training organization in sustainable agriculture and biofuel feedstock production can participatein the funding of our projects for rural job development. I have several years of R & D in this industry and ready to implement this for commercialization into main stream work force beyond farmer markets or csa's, this is a project for mass production into the value food chain. Partically in natural-organic livestock production and also fruit and vegetables. This is a large infastructure project that is well
suited for veteran and present re-entry military job creation all across the U.S. for it can be replicated through out the country. We have no time and money to waist. We can create a large amount of jobs NOW to put this in place.

Helen D. Smiley
ELENA Enterprises, Inc.
Texas International ECO-Farming Initiative, Inc.

Paul Wells
Oct 28, 2011

Dear Sirs/Madams...How can I get a copy of the white paper?

Thank you,

Paul Wells.