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“We Can’t Wait” to Improve Infrastructure

Posted by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in USDA Results Rural
Dec 15, 2011

Today, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced critical investments in our nation’s infrastructure. Specifically, 46 transportation projects in 33 states and Puerto Rico will receive funding that will help support local communities and drive a nation-wide economic recovery.  These grants are steps this Administration is taking now to create jobs, repair our crumbling transportation systems, and make sure our economy continues to grow.

At USDA we are particularly excited about the announcement because $150 million will go to critical projects in rural areas. These investments will help boost economic development and make rural communities more attractive for businesses. Especially in rural areas, our transportation systems have gone too long without repair.  By improving our bridges, transit, freight, and ports, we’ll support agriculture jobs and make trucking of goods faster and more efficient for our farmers and ranchers.

The Obama Administration is committed to making investments like these now because the American people simply can’t wait any longer for the job opportunities these projects will create. If Congress passes the American Jobs Act, it will build on these transportation investments and immediately provide $50 billion to improve 150,000 miles of roads, replace 4,000 miles of track, and restore 150 miles of runways.  It will create jobs for American workers and build a safer, more efficient transportation network for the country.

It’s time for people in Washington to work together. If we all take a little inspiration from folks in our rural communities, we can put people back to work making our nation’s transportation system the envy of the world.

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