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USDA Announces Effort to Enhance Department Efficiency, Improve Access to Programs

Posted by Chris Zehren, Deputy Director for Program Analysis, USDA Office of Budget and Program Analysis in Technology
Feb 21, 2017

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is asking the public for comment as it continues to review existing program rules to determine whether any should be modified, streamlined, clarified, or repealed.  The Department is particularly interested in hearing from the public concerning areas where USDA can simplify and reduce the reporting burden for entry and access to USDA programs, while reducing its administrative and operating costs by sharing data across participating agencies.

In response to Executive Order 13610 (Identifying and Reducing Regulatory Burdens), USDA has incorporated various initiatives into its review to reduce burden on the public, including the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS), Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative, which has the potential to reduce administrative time for clients participating in NRCS’ conservation programs, and FSA’s streamlined version of a current form for use by repeat customers whose information has not changed.

The Department had initially focused its review on Rural Development, the Risk Management Agency (RMA), the Farm Service Agency (FSA), and the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), and has continued to make progress on these initiatives, including the January 23, 2012 publication of the FSIS proposed rule for Electronic Export Application and Certification, and the November 27, 2012 publication of the FSIS proposed rule for Electronic Import Inspection Application and Certification.  In the coming year, FSA and RMA will continue to collaborate on an Acreage and Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative, and APHIS will also continue to implement the use of Mobile Information Management (MIM) Technology to record animals that are exported.

To submit a comment please visit: Link.

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Nalee Yang
Dec 21, 2012

There should also be one central USDA database. So that repeat participants in USDA programs would not have to provide the same information again. Instead all they have to do is provide updated information if there is any.

For example if they participated in one of FSA's programs and then wants to participate in one of the NRCS's program then they would only need to provide additional information pertaining to NRC's.

Carrie Murphy
Dec 24, 2012

You know what's a burden? Having to do tons of research, then very careful shopping, just to be able to try to ensure that my family is not consuming pesticides, herbicides, drugs, and genetically modified foods. And even then, I cannot be one hundred percent sure that we aren't. That's a burden. And it is one that is financial, physical, and mental.

Ione Conlan
Jan 04, 2013

If you are inviting suggestions, and find some suggestion not to the liking of Staff, Our USA Constitution First Amendment allows free speech and common interest comment. I have submited suggestions twiec which do not appear on this face page. Are they censored? Let them have the light of day and have others comment on my suggestions. Thank you.

Ione Conlan
Jan 04, 2013

Let me correct the above posting to correct the word on the fourth line from top, word should appear as "twice", however since then, I have resent, so that makes it a third time I have submitted honest heart felt comment, "with malice toward none and charity for all" which was this dept's founder Pres Lincoln's belief as well. Thanks again .

Ione Conlan
Mar 02, 2013

Thank you to our Secretary of Agriculture who has appointed a knowledgeable Director in California, Val Dolcini, who visits agricultural sites throughout our farming communities and has restored the credibiltiy and faith in our government and of our USDA. We all feel assured his oversight will correct our local issues. Bravo! IConlan