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NASS Ag Research Counts!

Posted by Justice Wright, Public Affairs Specialist for USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics Mission Area in Research and Science
May 14, 2013
"Don Phillips, NASS interviewer, uses iPad for data collection for the September Agricultural Survey."
"Don Phillips, NASS interviewer, uses iPad for data collection for the September Agricultural Survey."

To recognize the contribution that research in agriculture makes in our daily lives, we’re focusing this month’s Science Tuesday blogs on the successes that USDA science agencies have achieved for us all.

How do we know where we’re going unless we know where we’re starting from? That question is the starting point for the world of ag statistics. The numbers point that way, and it takes hundreds of surveys every year, filled out by people working in and depending upon U.S. agriculture, to get those numbers. You may not have considered that collecting statistics was a key part of developing the products you use on a daily basis.  So, today we’re highlighting some of our greatest research stories about statistics because “Ag Research Counts” every day, for every American. Tomorrow is the beginning of our trivia contest on Facebook from ‘Science Tuesday’ blogs we’re featuring this month. You can also learn more cool facts in our conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #AgResearchCounts. Here are this week’s blogs featuring NASS research that impacts each of us every day:

USDA to Use iPad For Survey Work in 2011
USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service conducts hundreds of agricultural surveys every year. Find out what new and exciting technology the agency is using to modernize and streamline the survey experience for America’s farmers and ranchers.

Hawaii Showcases Its Ag Diversification – the Proof is in the Numbers
Hawaii farmers can boast some of the most diverse agriculture in the United States. They also remain at the technological forefront, ranking as one of the leading states when it comes to the production of renewable energy.

Farm Internet Access on the Rise, Now Let’s Connect
The Internet has become ever present in our lives and more and more farmers and ranchers are now getting online. Find out just how fast Internet access on American farms is expanding.

California Farmers Lead the way in On-Farm Renewable Energy Production
Many farms and ranches across the country are now taking steps towards energy independence. USDA’s first-ever On-Farm Renewable Energy Production Survey took an in-depth look into this new practice in agriculture.

Access to Nutritious, Locally-Grown Food on the Rise
American farmers remain committed to providing access to fresh locally-grown food for everyone. Whether at farmers markets or through Community Supported Agriculture, residents in all 50 states can now benefit from increased access to fresh, nutritious, locally-grown conventional and organic farm products.

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