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NIFA Ag Research Counts

Posted by Justice Wright, Public Affairs Specialist for USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics Mission Area in Conservation Research and Science Technology
May 28, 2013

To recognize the contribution that research in agriculture makes in our daily lives, we’re focusing this month’s Science Tuesday blogs on the successes that USDA science agencies have achieved for us all.

For over a century, USDA research has spurred innovation and created many great products for our families, but we haven’t done it alone. Partnering with a vast network of university scientists -- as well as other federal agencies, private industry, and other groups -- the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) supports agricultural research and extension through competitive grants on topics of great importance to us all. NIFA is also committed to educating our youth in science and agriculture, supporting opportunities for rural communities, 4-H, and scholars programs. So, today we’re focusing on the research of NIFA and its partners because “Ag Research Counts” every day, for every American. We’re continuing our trivia contest on Facebook with questions from past ‘Science Tuesday’ blogs. Feel free to participate on Twitter using the hashtag #AgResearchCounts. Here are this week’s blogs featuring NIFA-funded research that impacts each of us every day:

Mobile Apps Help Dairy Farmers Compute Costs and be Environmentally Friendly
Dairy farmers face endless challenges as they try to increase profits, yet remain environmentally-friendly. As more and more farmers turn toward their mobile phones for information, a NIFA-funded project has developed an app to help dairy farmers compute their costs and inputs.

You Are What You Eat: Functional Foods’ Role in Improving Health
You are what you eat! Using NIFA-funds, Ohio State researchers have developed a soy-based drink to fight against cancer.

‘Armed to Farm’ Gives Veterans the Tools they Need to Farm
Many veterans are turning to farming once they finish active service. One NIFA-funded project is helping give them the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.

Researchers Study How Parenting Styles Influence Children’s Eating Habits
Researchers have identified three parenting styles that influence their kids’ eating habits. Read our blog to see which one leads to the healthiest outcomes.

Yeast Genes Improve Shelf Life of Tomatoes
Do you ever feel that your food spoils before you have a chance to use it at home? Well, new research has found a way to keep tomatoes fresh for longer periods of time.